Foot patrol security is one of the most effective ways to cover large areas that vehicle patrol cannot, to deter criminal activities on both residential & commercial properties. And Plaza Protection in the San Francisco Bay is a specialist in that. We believe in offering a strong & consistent visible foot patrol security presence to ensure violators know that the location is patrolled and well secured.

 But that alone is certainly not enough! Is it? So, take a look at the top 10 reasons to know why you should hire Plaza Protection foot patrol security services for your premises.

  1. In order to provide excellent security services, foot patrol security guards with excellent skills, knowledge, and experience are required. Along with that, we also ensure all our security guards have completed the state-regulated training & the additional mandatory training courses required by our organization.

  1. Plaza Protection’s security guards are fully trained to sense security threats and mitigate them. They can determine vulnerable areas where an increasing threat may happen and are equipped with state-of-the-art-technology to communicate effectively. Thus, perfect for providing an ongoing security presence on your premises.

  1. As a result, foot patrol security guards create an environment where both your employees & clients or tenants in case of residential property will feel safe. And there’s nothing like a secure premise that promotes good business. If you have more specific security concerns, Plaza Protection is dedicated to providing tailored security services.

  1. Do you have surveillance cameras installed on your property? They might not of much use if there’s no guard behind it to keep a continuous watch. However, foot patrol security guards provide extra protection as they can observe activities happening around the premises. Should they see any threat, they can mitigate it right there to keep everyone safe.

  1. In case of emergencies, relying on law enforcement is the right thing to do. But they may take a while to arrive on-site and take control of the situation. Having professional foot patrol security readily available on the premises can help you quickly respond to difficult situations. Without causing any damage to property, they can help contain the situation.

  1. Foot patrol security guards may not obviously have the same authority as a police officer, but they are trained to help you promote order on your premises. They have the authority to enforce the rules and regulations made by you, as long as the rules themselves are not illegal.

  1. Another vital thing foot patrol security guards can do for you is, perform a citizen’s arrest. If the security guards find someone who is attempting theft, break-in, or committed another serious violation, they have the right to detain the person and perform a citizen’s arrest. This is only applicable if the security guards have witnessed or had a reasonable suspicion to believe that a crime has occurred.

  1. The primary duty of foot patrol security guards is to patrol the property to protect people, property, information, and reputation. Though, in addition to that, they can also provide a unique level of customer service to help create an environment that is safe, inviting, & engaging for your clients, employees, visitors, or even tenants.

  1. Since the Plaza foot patrol security guards are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, they are expected to create detailed reports, so you don’t ever miss anything happening on your property. As they patrol, they are trained to document everything suspicious, any incident, and even take photos or create videos for reference. And all that is shared with the management as well as you in real-time.

  1. Every property is different, so are its security needs. If you are looking for a quality foot patrol security services company that can meet your unique needs, Plaza Protection offers tailored security services on a budget throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

 All of these factors combined enable us to provide foot patrol security services that you desire. To know more about our security services, contact us today.