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Misconceptions about Professional Security Guards

Hiring security guards for your property is essential. However, many commercial spaces and business owners don’t hire security guards because of the misconceptions they have about security guards in their minds. There are various misconceptions people have about security professionals that aren’t actually true. In this article, we will shed light on those misconceptions about professional security guards and help you learn the right things about them.  Hiring Security Guards is Costly Regarding security guards, a common misconception is that [...]

How Small Businesses Benefit from Security Patrol Service

As like big businesses, small businesses are vulnerable to threats, thefts, and vandalism as well. A startup or a small business expresses the vision of its owner. All these financial assets and hard work should not be left unprotected for thieves and shoplifters to take advantage of. Small businesses work very hard to build themselves and they are not financially very rich. So, one blow can ruin years of effort.  That is why, small businesses need to protect their assets, [...]

How We Use GPS Tracking To Enhance Guard Accountability?

The struggle of managing a team of professional security guards on the client site is real. What makes this laborious task a piece of cake for us at Plaza Protection is the GPS tracking module of our proprietary patrol management system. Designed to help us monitor our security guards, it also assists them on patrol, ensuring they do their job efficiently. It’s that one perfect solution required to increase guard accountability for improving daily operations on client sites. However, accountability [...]

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How Can Hiring an Unqualified Security Guard Harm Your Business?

To ensure the security of your business, you need to hire the right security guard. A qualified and skilled security guard can make the environment more secure for your business as well as the public, while an unqualified one can significantly weaken a business. Keep reading this article to learn how can hiring an unqualified security guard harm your business. Inadequate security Professional security guards are highly trained. They are furnished with vital knowledge and skills to handle all kinds [...]

Rational Business Components That Demand Foot Patrol Security

Keeping the property safe from crime is one of the most crucial aspects for businesses to sustain growth. But apart from that, there are an overwhelming number of elements present in today’s businesses and hundreds of ways in which one can get breached. One significant reason why it happens is that businesses only have a vague understanding of their security. Employing foot patrol security services from reputable and licensed security guard companies that customize their security programs to their client's [...]

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Protecting Commercial Buildings During Protests

The constitution of the USA allows its citizens to peacefully protest the action of anyone or any organization they feel necessary. Normally, the protests are peaceful, but when tension escalates out of hand, things can go wrong easily. Commercial buildings can get in the middle of everything and what usually follows is damaged property and looting. No business owner wants that. In this article, you will learn a few tips on how to protect commercial buildings during protests.     [...]

Soft Skills You Need to be a Security Officer

Observing and patrolling are the two main responsibilities of a security officer. They watch and patrol the area around them for potential security risks and to keep the property safe. Being a security guard can be rewarding. They are the first line of security in protecting property or people. Security professionals are trained to handle tough situations and can do their job most effectively. However, as a security guard, there are some soft skills that you should have. Here are [...]

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Security Tips for Keeping Your Business Safe

If you are a business owner, you want to provide unsurpassed security to your business. And there are many measures you can take to protect your business against risks such as property damage, break-ins, and employee theft. Read below to learn some tips that can help you keep your business safe and thrive. Secure Access at All Entry Points Taking pragmatic approaches to protect your business against damages and thefts is vital. Having quality, secure locks at all entry points [...]

How To Ensure Security At Corporate Events?

When you are the event host, it is your duty to ensure the security of that corporate event. But often, the security of the event is the last of the concerns, while it should be one of the foremost. Sometimes security also gets a rather smaller budget than it should. If you are organizing a corporate event, the chances of crimes and unlawful activities are more. So, it is of utmost necessity to pay attention to the security of the [...]

Six Reasons Security Guards Are Essential

Security guards are essential for many reasons. Among them, protecting businesses, schools, and other valuable places are notable ones. Besides protecting places, security guards also provide safety for people and treasured objects. Whether you are running a business and want to keep your clients and employees safe, or a person who needs security, or you have something that needs protection, then security guards are an integral division for your protection. That is why you need to hire security professionals to [...]

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