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Security Guard Services On Your Mind? Hire Plaza Protection

Are you looking for perfectly reliable, professional, effective, and economical security guard services in the Bay Area? Look no further Plaza Protection is at your service.  Redefine your security standards with Plaza Protections' reliable and custom security guard services adapted to meet the unique risks and challenges. We offer: Dedicated foot patrol Highly effective vehicle patrol Professional fire watch Foot patrol initiates one-on-one interactions between citizens and guards. Foot patrol guards can immerse themselves into the community to the extent [...]

Importance Of Foot Patrolling At Shopping Centers

Shopping centers in America are always crowded. Some people go to purchase items, some to catch up with friends, and some to enjoy a good meal. Shopping centers also host large crowds at special events and occasions. It is not possible to manage such large crowds and ensure their security without proper security measures in place. One of the most effective security solutions for shopping centers is foot patrol security. Keep reading to learn the importance of foot patrolling at [...]

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7 Reasons Why Security Guard Incident Reports Are Vital

There is no organization that’s not vulnerable to security threats. Which is why risk control measures are established to reduce the risk and prevent incidents from occurring. But, security guard incident reports further provides a deeper understanding as to why they happen and what’s lacking that can be improved.  Here are more reasons for you to understand why security guard incident reports are vital. Creates Awareness  Do you want a heads up on the lurking dangers? Security guard incident reports [...]

Reasons Security Guard Services Are Needed For Your Warehouse

A warehouse is a vulnerable place because it is the ideal location for criminals to steal valuable items in large quantities. Therefore, security in the warehouse is of utmost necessity. While hi-tech security is a great way to secure your warehouse, it is certainly not enough. You need to hire security guard services to ensure total protection of your warehouse, employees, and goods. It will provide you peace of mind to know there are human presence who would deal with [...]

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Plaza Protection: Reliable Foot Patrol Security Services

Are you looking for reliable foot patrol security that can monitor everything on-premises and report back efficiently in real-time? Foot patrol security guards who can immerse themselves into the community by being more interactive to the extent that promotes a safer and healthier work environment for everyone around?  Redefine your security standards with Plaza Protections' reliable and custom foot patrol security services adapted to meet the unique risks and challenges. Plaza Protection's Foot Patrol Security: Hiring foot patrol security guards [...]

Things To Consider When Conducting A Security Risk Assessment Of Your Construction Site

Construction sites are always crowdy as many people come and go. This creates a huge security risk. That is why construction site owners hire a security guard company. Many construction sites suffer from various security risks such as theft and vandalism. That is why conducting a security risk assessment is necessary. This will help you find out your weak points, which will help you take the necessary steps to keep your construction site safe and secure. Then, you can hire [...]

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5 Ways You Can Enhance Your Existing Security Services: Part 2

Keeping the premises of your organization secure is crucial for the business. It takes a lot of time and effort to protect yourself from security threats. Yet, it’s never enough. To keep up with the forever-changing security needs and requirements, you need to keep enhancing your existing security services.  In this part of the post, we outline five things you can do to enhance the way you approach physical security services. To go through another set of 5 things you [...]

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Reasons To Hire Security Guard Services For Auto Dealerships

Auto Dealerships are vulnerable to crime and security incidents. And the biggest threat of all is theft. That is why hiring security guard services for auto dealerships is really important. However, car theft is not the only reason to hire security guard services for auto dealerships. Here are five reasons why you should hire security guard services for auto dealerships. Discourage Illegal Activities Criminals often choose auto dealerships as a target for their illegal activities. Not only fraudsters and thieves [...]

5 Ways You Can Enhance Your Existing Security Services: Part 1

Today, every organization around the world faces a unique set of security threats. Protecting themselves against those threats might sometimes feel like a never-ending game of security whack-a-mole. As soon as one weakness is secured, another one appears. If you find yourself in the same position, one simple solution to improve your security is to enhance your existing security services. In this post, we outline five things you can do to enhance the way your approach physical security services. Let’s [...]

Reasons Why You Need Security Guards In Your Hotel

It is not easy to run a hotel. There are seemingly endless tasks that hotel management needs to do on a daily basis. They also hire and train staff members to teach them how they run their business. Besides that, there are also maintenance, repairs, room upgrades, and so on. While these tasks are essential for keeping the business running, securitizing the facility, protecting staff, visitors, customers, and the property are also of utmost necessity. So, you should never compromise [...]

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