10 Benefits Of Hirning Plaza Protection Security Guard Services [Infographic]

Plaza Protection is the leading provider of dedicated security guard [...]

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How Hiring Security Guards Improve The Productivity Of Your Workplace

Feeling safe makes a huge impact on how employees act [...]

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How Security Guards Help Address Workplace Violence?

Workplace violence is an unpleasant reliability of today’s world to [...]

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Communications Tips for Security Guards

Being a security guard is not just walking around and [...]

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Hiring Dedicated Fire Watch Is Considered Essential: Here’s Why

Fires are awfully unpredictable. What may seem like a spark [...]

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How Hiring Front Desk Security Adds Value To Residential Complexes?

Residential complexes houses various types of people, including families and [...]

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Skills That Front Desk Security Guards Of A Hotel Can’t Work Without

Front desk receptionists are good, but front desk security guards [...]

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Roles & Responsibilities Of A Front Desk Security Officer In An Office Building

A welcoming, well-trained, and professional front desk security officer can [...]

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Checklist Of Information You Need Before Hiring Front Desk Guard Services

Looking forward to hiring your first front desk guard services? [...]

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Common Commercial Building Problems Front Desk Security Guards Can Help Resolve

Regardless of size and type, commercial buildings are vulnerable to [...]

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Customer Service Skills Apartment Managers Should Look For In Front Desk Guards

Customer service skills are no longer just meant for customer [...]

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How A Front Desk Security Guard Can Help Your Residents Feel A Great Sense Of Security?

A front desk security guard of a commercial-residential building has [...]

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