A welcoming, well-trained, and professional front desk security officer can make a strong first impression in an office building. But that’s not the only reason why this security guard service is often implemented. Hiring the right front desk security officer contributes toward increased building safety, reduced risk liability, criminals deterrence, reduced vandalism and theft, prompt response to alarm & emergencies, and so much more. 

A front desk security officer does more than providing the first line of defense against any threat. To know more about his role & responsibility in an office building, keep reading. 

Greet & Provide Assistance

The first and most vital responsibility of a front desk security officer is to greet & welcome everyone who approaches the front desk. They are also required to assist as needed by visitors in an expedient & professional manner to create a positive & memorable experience.

Schedule Appointments

A front desk security officer requires strong communication and people skills. As their job requires them to swiftly answer, screen, and forward phone calls or keep messages. They can also schedule & confirm appointments, meetings, & travel appointments if required.

Create Detailed Reports

In addition to observing everything going on, a front desk security officer’s job role also includes creating & sharing detailed daily activity reports & incident reports with the management. Reporting the details accurately, in turn, helps the security guard company to take additional steps to prevent a recurrence.

Call For Help When Needed

A front desk security guard isn’t an ordinary receptionist. He uses his expectational observation and decision making skills to protect the security of the office building by monitoring visitor activity and watching for suspicious behavior. He can decide when an incident is an emergency and immediately calls help when needed.

Assist First Responders

Responding to emergencies by calling the appropriate emergency services isn’t their only responsibility. A front desk security officer is expected to take care of the emergency situations & assist the first responders until the emergency services arrive.

Alarm Monitoring & Response

Every front desk security officer of a reliable security guard company should be expected to be well-versed in responding alarms. In order to do that, the guards must demonstrate the ability to assess situations and respond appropriately.

Visitor Check-In & Out

Visitor check-in & out is another one of the main responsibilities of a front desk security officer in any office building. At Plaza Protection we equip ours with a mobile visitor management system that enables them to check visitors & vehicles in & out effortlessly. Thus, further enhancing their performance and improving visitor satisfaction.

Monitor Arrivals & Departures

Getting a visitor check-in/out is one thing and assuring that all the people entering the building are authorized to do so, another. The front desk security officer can significantly increase security by determining that and further informing employees of the visitor’s arrival and cancellation.

Sign For Package Deliveries

Yes, accepting mail and courier deliveries and singing for them is another responsibility of a front desk security officer of an office building. It requires good organizational, multitasking, as well as problem-solving abilities in case an issue arises.

Building & Ground Patrol

A front desk security officer maintains constant surveillance by patrolling at regular intervals. Looking for old and strange behavior or events that could indicate harm. They also ensure every rule and policy of the building is enforced.

So, if you are looking forward to hiring a front desk security officer, we at Plaza Protection offer reliable security guard services in San Francisco

Our trustworthy and dependable front desk security officers will ensure the safety of your employees, visitors, and building while providing exceptional customer service. To hire our custom-tailored security guard services in San Francisco just for you, don’t forget to request a free quote today.