Being a security guard is not just walking around and making sure parameters or things are safe and clear. There are many different personalities to cater to, plus the need to know how to hear what is being said. Communication skills are vital not only for understanding the clientele but also for making sure that it’s easy for them to understand you. Security guards need to know how to communicate orders, follow the specifications of the job, and follow the given protocol.

And since security guards need to interact with people, communication skill is an essential part of their job. The communication skills of a security guard can be the determining factor of infusing or defusing violence. In their line of duty, security guards encounter diverse situations, yet, they are required to remain and react professionally at all times. This requires them to have strong communication skills, which will also make their job easier. Here are a few communication tips for security guards.

Familiarity With Several Communication Mediums

There are several methods of communicating, such as in-person conversation, writing, video conferencing, two-way radios, phone calls, and even sign language. As mentioned earlier, security guards may find themselves in diverse situations. So, knowing different communication mediums would be useful.

Familiarity with Non-Verbal Cues

Besides the oral and written communication methods, there are other means available that enable communication with one another. Most security guards signal each other using non-verbal cues. These cues could be gestures, postures, eye contact, facial expression, or body language. Some of these non-verbal signals have a meaning as stated in their relevant communication protocols, and some infer a standard meaning. It is vital for a security guard to be familiar with these cues.

Be Polite, Not Aggressive

The approach to a situation is a determining factor in resolving it. Security guards should be polite and professional at all times. They should not be antagonistic in any situation. An approach such as this could go a long way in defusing tensions. Security guards should also pay attention to the tone, cadence, and volume of their voice.

In conclusion, communication skills are a top priority for security guards. They should ensure that their communication skills are up to date. Security guards should be able to communicate timely, clearly, and concisely.