Front desk receptionists are good, but front desk security guards are better. They help create security barriers by performing the dual role of welcoming & protecting the property and personnel for the price of one. However, in order to do that, the front desk security guards must possess strong interpersonal & communication skills along with various others to serve the guests of the hotel.

Given below is a list of common skills you must look for while hiring front desk security guards for your hotel.

Vigilant & Proactive

Front desk security guards are responsible to watch & observe for suspicious activities & behavior of people to ensure everything is normal & under control. They must pay attention to details to maintain order & create a safe environment. If there are chances of any potential crime, they can take proactive measures to ensure complete safety.

Effective Communication

Effective communication between front desk security guards and their security guard company is crucial to maintain safety & security. It is also crucial to actively listen to guests for helping them responsibly, whether in person or on the phone. They must speak with clarity and maintain a positive tone while doing so.

Technology Savvy

The front desk security guards should be familiar with the technology they have been equipped by their security guard company to deliver excellent security guard services. They should also be familiar with the technology being used at the hotel or should be tech-savvy enough to adapt to it and keep the hotel running seamlessly.


Hotel front desk security guards constantly have to multitask. They need to answer the phone, greet guests, answer questions, check guests-in & out, and so much more. Staying organized can help them efficiently juggle multiple tasks altogether, and also enhance productivity.

Problem Solving Ability

Every guest that will face a problem, minor or major, will turn to the front desk. It is the job of the front desk security guards to resolve not just their problems but also any other that arises. They should be capable of figuring out quickly how to do that for guests to have a good experience.

Conflict Management

This skill plays a vital role in providing effective security guard services in a hotel where two people can get in a heated argument. This ability enables the guards to recognize potential conflict, and implement a range of strategies to deflect, avoid, or resolve from a developing situation.


No front desk security guards can do their job without working with other employees. They, all the time, need to communicate with people in different departments to ensure guests have a pleasant stay. Therefore, teamwork is an essential skill that all front desk security guards must possess.

Physical Endurance

The job of hotel front desk security guards is such that they won’t spend much time sitting down, and that’s for sure. Since they will be on their feet, assisting guests most of the time, being physically fit will go a long way. While having the ability to stay calm under pressure can help enhance the reputation of the hotel.


In the process of protecting the guests, the front desk security guards will sometimes need to make quick decisions. And that especially includes in the face of crises. Because of this, they will need excellent judgment and the ability to make fast decisions.

Accurately Report

Hotel front desk security guards are also responsible for reporting all suspicious activities in the form of reports to their managers as well as the hotel management. Doing that requires them to be able to write in-depth reports not only on paper if required but also using the mobile app they’ve been equipped with by their security guard company.

Emergency Response

Security guards are usually the first ones to respond to any kind of emergency. Front desk security guards are no exception to that. They must not only be well trained to carry out their daily duties but also in crisis, manage to respond immediately & effectively.


Being a multilinguist is not a must-have skill for most of the front desk positions at many hotels. But if the hotel encounters visitors from all over the world, having front desk security guards with such a skill can add more value to your hotel’s services.

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