Residential complexes houses various types of people, including families and young children. All they want is a place where they can feel safe. Where they & their home can be protected from theft, vandalism, trespassing, and other incidents. To all that & more, hiring front desk security services is the simplest solution that further adds value to residential complexes. How? Let’s take a look.

Add An Extra Layer Of Security

Having front desk security services at your residential complex can be a major deterrent in swaying thieves to stay at bay. Eventually helping reduce local crime effectively. But a comprehensive security program at a residential complex must extend far beyond the typical responsibilities to strongly focus on customer service too.

Services Tailored To Your Needs

Front desk security services often serve as the first & last impression of a residential complex. Which is why Plaza Protection in the Bay Area offers professional security guard services that are tailored to the unique needs of each residential complex. The front desk guards are trained specifically to develop & maintain a secure yet friendly atmosphere.

Create A Safer Environment For All

Savvy real estate buyers as well as renters nowadays carefully review neighbor statistics and demographics, which also includes crime rates. Therefore, having dedicated front desk security services form a reliable security guard company can contribute to an environment that can make them feel safe & welcome. Thus further encouraging people to consider the complex as their future home.

Assist Visitors On-Premises

Front desk security guards are a great selling point. Seeing front desk guards at the entrance can give residents a sense of comfort. Other perks include delivering packages, enforcing parking rules, and also assisting visitors on-premises. The front desk guards are trained to maintain a safe & secure environment and deliver outstanding & personalized customer service.

Improves Occupancy Time Period

Residential complexes that employ quality front desk security services are better able to deter crime and respond & recover from emergencies. Thus, making it more a favorable place and a safer investment for people. But do you know that this factor lowers the tenant turnover rate? Happy residents are more likely to stay longer as well as share their positive experiences with others.

Attract More Tenants Effortlessly

Do you want to attract more tenants? Contracting dedicated front desk security services from a reliable security guard company is the smartest way to do it. For many people, personal safety is a primary factor and that plays a vital role in deciding where to live. Such people, when they visit secure complexes, gain a favorable impression, leading to higher market perceptions.

Protect Residents Privacy Seamlessly

Great security guard companies raise the bar on your residential complex security. They go above and beyond what is expected to provide seamless security. Plaza Protection does just that and more, ensuring complete privacy by deploying guards equipped with patrol mobile app to check-in/out visitors easily. It creates a superior customer service experience for everyone, adding to the quality of their life.

Respond To Incidents Quickly

In an emergency, residents want to feel there is someone on-site who helps until first responders arrive. Front desk security services can proactively ensure that as well as alert everyone about the dangers in the area. They are trained to monitor suspicious behavior and provide fast alert in case of an emergency, reducing the time for first-responders.


Hiring front desk security services not only give the appearance of a more upscale residential complex but also shows your commitment to the security of your residents. So, if you are looking for customized professional front desk security services in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Plaza Protection or request a free quote.