Customer service skills are no longer just meant for customer support services employees to wow their customers. Today they are also essential for all those employees interacting with customers in one way or the other on a daily basis. The job of front desk guards of a security guard services company is such that it seeks an effective balance between the customer service skills and the effective delivery of their protection duties.

So, here’s a list of essential customer service skills for you, who as an apartment manager should look for in the front desk guards of your high-rise apartment complex:

  • Effective Communication

Effective communication between front desk guards, their manager, as well as the residents of the high-rise apartment complex, is vital. Without this skill, a front desk security guard can’t be expected to interact with the residents or visitors and convey information to them in a clear & helpful manner. Without it, they surely can’t communicate seamlessly across multiple devices as they are expected to.

  • Ability To Solve Problems

Problem-solving skills are one of the most important customer service skills. The problems may be simple or highly complex. The front desk guards should possess the ability to come up with a solution to resolve every resident’s or visitor’s problem efficiently. Additionally, as an apartment manager, you should be able to rely on your security guard services company completely for excellent security services.

  • Effective Listening

Front desk guards must listen actively to the resident’s complaints. The reason being, effective listening involves understanding what is being said and also what is left unsaid. Simultaneously, the front desk guards must note down every bit of it in their report using the mobile patrol app to ensure each one of them is taken care of specifically. And later, to let you, the apartment manager know how it was done, the same report can be shared.

  • Customer Attentiveness

Effectively listening alone isn’t enough for front desk guards. Showing the residents or  visitors that they are being heard can make them feel at ease. Asking follow-up questions as needed or maintaining eye contact is a great way of ensuring the front desk guards are paying attention. A soft skill like this also shows that the front desk guards care.

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  • Sincere Empathy

Empathy is one fine ability that allows the front desk guards to sense & understand the emotions of others. And when they understand that, it helps them to understand the resident’s problem more sincerely. But for better results, this understanding must be met with urgency to solve the pending issue. And that’s what an apartment manager should look for in a front desk guard of a high-rise apartment complex.

  • Strike A Balance

Front desk guards should possess the ability to strike a balance between remaining professional and friendly, when on site. While doing so, they should remain calm and have a great positive attitude to enforce apartment rules & regulations. They should be able to prioritize the important duties and avoid distractions.

What customer service skills do you think plays an important role in the job of front desk guards of a high-rise apartment complex? Do comment below to let us know, and we might share more such customer service skills in the future.