Fires are awfully unpredictable. What may seem like a spark a few minutes ago can turn into a raging fire the other minute. Hiring professional fire watch services to mitigate and prevent fire damage, whether as a temporary measure or a full time is, therefore, essential. There are various circumstances that demand active fire watch services, and there are various other reasons why hiring a dedicated fire watch is the smartest thing to do. Let’s take a look at those reasons together:

24/7 Surveillance Via Foot And CCTVs

The benefit of hiring a dedicated fire watch for your property is that they are incredibly vigilant. On completely understanding the layout of your property, they can patrol via foot and offer 24/7 surveillance via camera tirelessly. This allows for quick and easy evacuation of the building should a fire occur.

First On The Scene In An Emergency

Should a fire occur on the property, fire watch guards will be the first to reach the scene and take action to minimize the damage. However, know that fire watch guards are not trained to tackle a full-scale fire as it would be unsafe for them to do so. But what they are trained to do in this scenario is contact the fire department immediately and assist them to get the fire under control.

Limit Damage To The Property

Mostly, hiring dedicated fire watch guards becomes mandatory when your alarm and sprinkler systems are malfunctioning. They are trained and certified professionals who don’t underestimate the potential of small fame turning into a raging fire. That’s why hiring them can limit, if not completely prevent damage to your property by detecting the issue early on.

Prevent Potential Loss Of Life And Injury

In addition, to watch out for signs of potential fire and limit damage to the property of the clients, fire watch guards of Plaza Protection security guard company are trained to help avoid the potential loss of life and injury of everyone on site. This is one of those reasons why investing in dedicated fire watch services should be deemed absolutely necessary.

Fire Watch Guards

Meticulously Maintain Fire Watch Logs

Whether a fire occurs on your property or not, the job of every fire watch guard from a reliable security guard company involves logging every fire watch patrol. These logs also serve two main purposes – first, ensuring that future fires can be put out much quicker, and second, it serves as evidence that’s needed by the insurance company and local officials in the event of a fire.

One of the greatest benefits of hiring Plaza Protection fire watch is that all our fire watch guards are equipped with a mobile app that enables them to create and share fire watch logs and incidents reports with multimedia files attached in real-time. This enables us to make informed decisions and prevent more fires in the future.

Add Extra Level Of Value To Your Property

Do you know that having dedicated fire watch guards present on your property can also add an extra level of value? How? When you hire them, not only do they keep the fires at bay, but also potential criminals and vandals at bay by providing 24/7 protection.

Help Follow OSHA Fire Prevention Guidelines

OSHA fire prevention guidelines are one of the most crucial aspects of fire prevention. They are designed to help prevent and minimize the chances of fire. Hiring fire watch guards from a reliable security guard company fully aware of them can help you ensure these guidelines along with any local requirements are followed, all the way through. On not doing so, remember, the insurance companies may refuse coverage.

Well-Maintain All Fire Equipment

Fire equipment is not expected to be used all the time. But keeping them well maintained is essential in putting out the fire before they get out of control. Hence, fire watch guards make sure that they are always kept at a good standard. Thus, ensuring they function properly, especially when they are needed.

Plaza Protection Fire Watch

Plaza Protection offers economical fire watch services to multiple industries in the San Francisco Bay Area. We proudly deploy a team of professionally trained and experienced fire watch guards with in-depth knowledge of risk factors and fire watch procedures to look after your property and ensure the safety of people on-site.

To avoid shutdowns and fines related to dangerous fire hazards, hire dedicated fire watch services and stay compliant with the rules and regulations in the Bay Area. Please contact us or request a free quote to find out how we can help you.