Workplace violence is an unpleasant reliability of today’s world to which no industry or business is immune. Despite every effort made to eliminate it, your workforce is prone to attacks. The best way to defend against workplace violence is to include professional security guards expertly trained in your workplace protection program in addition to various other prevention solutions.

If you are thinking about how they can help, take a look at the ways we have discussed below.

Identify Potential Threats

To ensure the safety of your employees and visitors, identifying the potential threats of workplace violence is the first crucial step that security guards can help with. They are professionally trained to identify suspicious behavior. Once that’s done, various security measures can be put in place to not let those threats become the reason for violence. 

Prepare For Emergency

Simply having trained security guards in your office or building can surely deter employees from causing trouble. However, should violence occur, the same security guard will mitigate the situation effectively. In case of an emergency, they can assist in the evacuation and communicate with law enforcement to ensure that sedately is restored quickly.

Prevent Unauthorized Entries

Security guards are the frontline of your business. They have direct contact with those coming in and out of the premises. Therefore, they play a crucial role in identifying potential risk factors or behaviors that may lead to workplace violence incidence. They can thus prohibit potentially violent individuals from even trying to enter the building to avoid any workplace violence caused by them.

Establish Reporting Procedures

Another crucial way security guards can help your business in reducing workplace violence is by establishing proper reporting procedures. This way your employees or visitors will have no doubt about whom to reach if they feel their safety is being compromised. The security guards can report it to the authorities and even take the right steps to prevent a violent situation. 

De-Escalate Situations

Security guards are also trained in handling violent situations calmly to help save lives. They know techniques to de-escalate tense situations and physically restrain someone if the situation demands. So, when you hire security guards from a reliable security guard company, you can rest assured that they will de-escalate any situation immediately.


Professional security guards act as a visible deterrent to workplace violence and discourage any potential offender from attempting a violent act in their presence. Their presence is also a visual reminder to everyone on your premises that their safety and security are a priority for your business. 

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