A front desk security guard of a commercial-residential building has a huge responsibility on his shoulders to ensure the safety of all residents. That requires exceptional observation & decision making skills to handle every situation, in person and on the phone. There are various other characteristics to look for in residential security guards. But, to be able to see guard handle situations effectively every day can instill a great sense of security in the mind of the residents.

First In The Line Of Defense

The job of a front desk uniformed security guard in a commercial-residential building is such that nothing can get past him without his knowledge. As stated before, it requires good observation skills. That also helps him to prevent intruders or trespassers from entering the building and recognizing illegal activities. Hence, ensuring the safety of all the residents living in the building.

Enforce Visitor Policy Strictly

Every commercial residential building has its own set of strict visitor policies. Enforcing them is one of the many jobs of a front desk security guard, and especially if the building has an access control management system. It becomes his sole responsibility to ensure no one without a visitor badge enters the premises from the reception area. Residents can rest assured that people banned from entering the building will be stopped by the guard right up-front.

Maintain Visitor Logs

Keeping track of every person going in & out of a commercial-residential building can provide a significant sense of security to its residents. Plaza Protection’s front desk residential security guard services do that by utilizing a professional visitor management system. It allows them to effortlessly, quickly, and securely record visitor details to them check-in or out and also then virtually track them on-site. In times of an emergency, having this data can be helpful in rapidly evacuating the building.

Security Procedures Knowledge

A front desk security guard isn’t all about greeting everyone & being courteous. Being first in the line of defense, they should have complete knowledge of all the security procedures, from spotting suspicious behavior, making a citizen’s arrest, knowing techniques to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations, visitor control procedures, to emergency response procedures. Having a knowledgeable guard at the front desk will make the residents of your commercial building free more safe & secure.

PP Security Guard Services

Conduct Foot Patrols

Conducting foot patrol is also an essential part of a front desk security guard.  Apart from his front desk duties, the guard can conduct foot patrol on a periodic & daily basis. Since leaving the visitor area unattended is not the part of the security patrol, a back-up guard is always established instead. Further to ensure complete safety of the commercial-residential building, guard on patrol can also perform daily CCTV audits, look for signs of intrusion, etc.

Create Detailed Reports

Hiring a front desk security guard from a company such as Plaza Protection will make him answerable to you as well as his company. This will ensure the guard takes his responsibilities seriously and reports every activity or an incident immediately. The detailed reports shared with the management of both parties will provide an insightful overview of the activities to make better decisions regarding the safety of the residents.

Plaza Protection front desk security guard services provide highly trained guards that can apprehend offenders & handle emergencies with their strong decision-making skills. Hire our security guard services for optimal security of the residents of your commercial-residential building at affordable prices.