Looking forward to hiring your first front desk guard services? There are a number of mistakes you can commit by not asking the right questions and pose a serious risk to the security of everyone. To ensure you don’t do that, we have compiled an extensive checklist of information you definitely need to ask your security guard company before hiring front desk security guard services.

Checklist You Ought To Follow While Hiring Front Desk Guard Services:

  1. Security Needs

Before you begin creating a checklist of information for hiring front desk guard services, take a moment to assess & identify your security needs. Failing to figure that out will pose the risk of contracting the wrong security services and the wrong security guard company. To avoid it, get a security assessment & customised security plan. Plaza Protection in the Bay Area with decades of experience to ensure that, offers a free quote.

  1. Experience

While considering the front desk guard services of the security guard company, it is crucial that you determine what kind of experience their security guards possess. After all, it affects their professionalism, their ability to identify security threats, and act quickly to handle the situation effectively. Don’t forget to ask if the security guards have the required experience to work in the industry you are hiring for particularly.

  1. Training/Skills

Before any security guard company hires a security guard, even they investigate their training. They ensure that every legal requirement of the state is met. They also ensure the security guards have received proper certifications to be working as a front desk guard. As a customer, it’s important you too check for these details to rest assured you are hiring the right front desk guard services.

  1. Technology

One of the most common mistakes customers make while hiring not only front desk security guard services but also any other is not clarifying the kind of technology being used. Since the front desk security guards are responsible for the check-in & out of visitors on-site, they must be equipped with a digital visitor management system. They should, in fact, be equipped with technology that enables them to easily create & share reports as well as contact their managers whenever needed.

  1. Customer Reviews

Analysing the reputation of a security guard company should be the next big thing on your checklist. If you are worried, you might need a professional to figure that out, you don’t. It has become relatively easier nowadays to analyse the reputation of a company. All you need to do is check out their social media handles as well as their local business listing for any negative or positive reviews.

Security Guards

  1. Detailed Reports

All a security guard company’s customers want is to review detailed reports of the site tours conducted on their post sites. If that’s what you want with additional information, asking your security guard company beforehand about it will be a good idea. Plaza protection offers its customers secure access to a client portal. It allows them to access all site tour reports, tracking data, check-in & out reports, etc. to always stay in the loop.

  1. Backup Services

The front desk security guards aren’t just responsible for preventing intruders & trespassers into the building, but also to assist visitors with building rules and directions. When he leaves to assist the visitors, will there be backup guards to fill for him. What if the guard gets sick or maybe quit, will the security guard company have security guards with the same experience, training, and skills to fill in for emergencies? Be sure to ask about  this.

  1. Uniforms

Forgetting to ask about uniforms is another aspect that’s often overlooked by customers when hiring a security guard company and its services. It may be due to the lack of knowledge, but now that we’ve brought it to your notice, add this point to the checklist right away. The reason being, not all security guard companies offer uniform options. So, ask if their security guards can dress in a uniform to fit your site’s environment. A uniformed front desk guard can greatly impact the effectiveness of security.

  1. Communication

Good and effective communication is an essential tool in maintaining and rapidly building trust amongst visitors, employees, or residents. Therefore, the right front desk guards should be able to effectively communicate and present themselves in a way that earns the respect of everyone. The front desk security guards should also be capable of interacting in a professional and respectful manner to provide a sense of security.

  1. Dispatch Services

Hiring front desk security services won’t be enough to protect your property & personnel. You will also need to ensure the security services you are hiring can prepare for emergencies. You need to ensure they provide reliable dispatch services 24/7, so when in need security guards can be dispatched easily.

Is there anything else on your checklist of information you need to ask or know about your security guard company before hiring front desk guard services? Do comment below to let us know.