Vandalism at construction sites is a serious concern. It is really frustrating and costly if things such as cut fences, destroyed shipping container locks, and sabotaged construction equipment keeps happening. Here are a few strategies that you can embed that can help you prevent vandalism at your construction sites. 

Make the Site Strong

Check all the areas of the site and take note of the areas that have been easily vandalized or could be vandalized. Take note of any place where it is easy for the vandals to enter and exit without being seen. Make sure the perimeter of your site is protected by a high-quality chain-link fence and a gate access control system. 

Your site’s storage areas and storage containers should have reliable locks. Swap out lock periodically within site and also consider changing locks several times within the same job to deter vandalism better. To enhance security, add motion-detecting lights and ensure all areas of the site have sufficient lighting. And if any cut or damaged fences are found during routine checks, repair them quickly. 

Install a Security Plan

Create and install a security plan. Train all employees to follow the security procedures. At the end of each workday or shift, construction items should be locked up. If you come across any unfamiliar people at the construction site, confront them. Ask all employees to wear clearly visible ID badges. Maintain a visitor log and ask all visitors to sign in and out of the construction site. Equipment should also be signed out appropriately when in use and should also be signed in properly after the job is complete. 

Have a Monitored Security System Installed

Install an advanced security system that comes with a video-analytics system in place. This system should include high and well-positioned cameras that are always active. They should be connected to a distinct operating center through a highly secured internet connection. 

The high positions of the cameras will help the monitor capture a wide area of your construction site and deter vandals from attempting to damage or steal things. This also helps monitor contact the police if any vandalism occurs and have the perpetrators arrested before they can cause any property damage or loss. 

Hire Construction Site Security Guard Services

Hire construction site security guard who can patrol construction sites during off-hours. Your construction sites will have extra eyes and ears that will help prevent potential vandals from getting into the construction sites and doing any damage. They can also notify the proper authority if there are any additional vulnerabilities. 

To hire trained and experienced security guards for your construction sites, contact Plaza Protection Today. We have over ten years of experience in the industry, and we can create custom security programs to match your unique needs.