For every security guard company, a daily activity report is one of the most critical parts of every security operation. For a lot of them, it might even be their only way of communicating with the clients, unlike Plaza Protection. Which is why they understand the importance of a well written daily activity report. But do you?

To make it easier for you, we have jotted down four things every daily activity report sent to you should unquestionably include that will also allow you to hold your security patrol company accountable for on-site patrols.

Date Of The Report

One thing that every daily activity report should include is the actual date of when the site tour was conducted & the report was submitted. Timestamped reports if ever required, can be used in court to help convict a criminal. But to further ensure its authenticity, it needs to have the exact location & time of the shift actually started & ended.

To eliminate the scenarios where guards can round off the figures or manipulate the report, plaza protection guards are equipped with a guard mobile app integrated into the patrol management system. With a solution like geofencing, it automatically allows them to check-in only when they’re on the property, and vice versa.

Shift Start Notes

When a security guard begins his shift, there are various things that need to be recorded to ensure no details of the job to be done is ever missed. Among all those details, the ones that you need to ensure are there on the daily activity report are:

  • The shift that the security guard is working.
  • The special instructions given by you or the supervisors.
  • A list of tasks security guards will be performing while on the job.

Having this information on the daily activity report, you can rest assured all-important tasks were accomplished. Thus, eliminating the need to go through the whole report when one simply does not have the time.


Progress Made On-Site

The job of a security guard is not only to ensure the safety of the people and property of the clients. Their job description also includes providing detailed reports on the progress made on-site. Plaza Protection guards do that by using the guard mobile app to send reports in real-time to the manager who’s using a patrol management system in a remote location.

In them, look for the observations made by the security guards, and if time is mentioned next to them or not? The reason being, that will demonstrate consistent activity throughout the shift, and so will the GPS tracking history.

Apart from that, every detail mentioned in the daily activity report should be concise, descriptive, and completely factual. Security guards are specifically trained to avoid flashy vocabulary, codes, terminology, opinions, and speculations in the reports.

Image & Video Files

Long gone are the days when paper reports were the only way to get details of what happened on-site. But today the guards are equipped with a guard mobile app that allows them to take photos and record video & audio files that are timestamped. Having them attached to your daily report can provide better insight into the situation based on which the management can also take appropriate actions.

So, don’t forget to make the most out of the technology your security guard company has given access to you for viewing reports.