Professional fire watch security guard services are designed for properties, buildings, and work sites. It protects them from the dangers of fire during a time when their alarm, sprinkler, or water system is not functioning properly. Trained fire watch security guards can be positioned on-site to keep a vigilant eye over the property. But, the real question here is what other duties do they perform to ensure complete security?

We’ve prepared a list of common duties every fire watch security guard performs on-site. Let’s take a look.

Conduct Systematic Surveillance

Every fire watch security guard of a reliable security guard company is expected to patrol continuously, walking through the entire building, inspecting the entire work area for potential fires or other abnormal conditions. Conducting systematic surveillance & maintaining vigilance around the clock ensures safety concerns are identified & reported for complete security.

Contact Emergency Services

After identifying the hazard, the duty of every fire watch security guard is to immediately address it. It involves activating the fire alarm and contacting the fire department instantly. The guards must communicate the same with the management on-site & with their security guard company for quick emergency response.

Assist In Emergency Evacuation

Every fire watch security guard is trained not only to monitor & patrol to ensure consistent safety and security compliance but also to respond to emergencies & minimize the impact caused. After notifying the fire department, they must notify the occupants about the emergency & instruct as well as assist them to evacuate from the building safely. 

Maintain Detailed Fire Watch Logs

In addition to the above-mentioned responsibilities, every fire watch security guard of a reliable security guard company must keep fire watch logs regularly. They must systematically document their findings as they patrol both the occupied and the occupied areas of the building and share it with the management on-site & their company in real-time.

Make Equipment Readily Available

The job of every fire watch security guard also includes maintaining the conditions and requirements stated on the safety permit. Which is, having fire-extinguishing equipment readily available, and maintaining exits & walkways to make sure they are clear & free from obstruction. Ensuring that, the guards can help protect your business from hefty fines.

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