Private patrol services as that of Plaza Protection aren’t just meant to secure your business or personnel. It’s also the perfect solution to help you deal with extraordinary & threatening situations. In such scenarios, the private patrol guards are expected to respond appropriately and minimize the impact caused. And that requires them to perform a variety of duties for which they need to be well-trained.

But eventually, it all comes down to that one question as to what they can do for you. Isn’t that true? So, let’s briefly try to understand that.

Identify Potential Emergencies

Private patrol guards should know how to identify potential emergencies that may include fire, weapons, bombs, suspicious packages, etc. On identification of such a threat, they are trained to, first of all, prevent an incident from occurring. But if it does occur, they are well aware of what procedures to follow to minimize the effect and secure the area. Further, if required, they can go on to investigate the main cause and notify the required authorities of the incident.

Notify The Authorities

Immediately notifying the local law enforcement, along with the other authorities, is one of the most important things private patrol guards in times of an emergency can do for you. The reason why it plays a vital role is so that the concerned authorities can respond to the present danger immediately. In case the threat is not direct, private patrol guards can alone report it to their manager with all the information to get more help from other guards on-site.

Conduct A Quick Evacuation

No matter how much one tries to take control of a situation, it can escalate quite quickly. In such scenarios, private patrol guards topmost priority is usually to evacuate the location as soon as possible. They can help navigate people through the safest exits to a safe location. If the people cannot be moved from the current location, private patrol guards are trained to decrease vulnerability to ensure everyone’s safety.

Neutralize The Security Threat

The ultimate goal of all private patrol guards is to identify and stop threats. For that, the private patrol guards must be able to decide autonomously whether the circumstances present a threat or not. If it does, the private patrol guards must act to neutralize the threat. The guards usually do that by monitoring the activities of the suspect. If a crime is committed, they can make a citizen’s arrest, call the local law enforcement, and handover the criminal with a detailed security guard incident report.

Create A Detailed Report

A security guard incident report serves as one of the most vital documentations. That’s because they are effective in smoothly providing detailed information on incidents not only to the management but also the clients & law enforcement. Therefore, guards of every private patrol services company is expected to make critical information available on the go. At Plaza Protection, our guards are equipped with a mobile patrol app that allows them to share custom reports live.

If you are looking for private patrol services in the Bay Area, contact Plaza Protection to identify and stop security threats before letting it turn into an emergency.