The damage caused due to vandalism on construction sites is quite significant. Every year it costs construction companies millions of dollars, making it impossible to ignore it altogether. Hiring dedicated construction site security guards, in that case, is one of the best ways possible to deal with it. So don’t just look for reasons to hire uniformed security guards to protect construction sites.

Highly trained Plaza Protection construction site security guards available in San Jose, offer different ways to prevent vandalism at your construction site. Those ways are as follows:

1. Constant Live Video Monitoring

Today technology combined with human intelligence is being used to protect the construction sites from vandalism and property damage. The reason being it is the most effective way to fight against vandals. Trained construction site security guards keep a constant watch on-site through surveillance cameras in real-time.

If any suspicious activity is noticed, details of the same can be communicated to the construction site security guards on foot to respond to it immediately. Depending on your requirements & the condition of your vicinity, your construction site can be watched 24/7 or during the predetermined time.

2. Limit The Access To Construction Site

Construction site security guards are trained to ensure they minimize every opportunity to access the construction site for unauthorized personnel. They often accomplish it by keeping the access gates as few as possible and locking away the ones not being used.

Sensitive areas on-site can be specifically guarded, and access to them highly controlled using visitor sign-in/out software. They can keep an eye on individuals and vehicles approaching the site too. Which is why hiring uniformed construction site security guards especially during night working hours is highly recommended.

3. Identifying Construction Site Weakness

Identifying the reason why your construction site could be vandalized or is being done at the moment can change the way you think you need to deal with such a situation. Having construction site security guards on-site can help identify groups or individuals likely to target or targeting your site.

  • Equipped with a mobile patrol app always connected to a patrol management system, they can share photos, video, & audio files in addition to customized reports with the management instantly.

Construction site security guards can, in fact, also look for weak perimeter points from where vandals could get in. Ensuring the site is adequately lit & identifying architectural features ideal for defacement can help improve the security of your construction site effectively.


4. Patrol More Frequently On-Site

The reason why vandals vandalize is because they think they can get away with it. Inadequate lighting, open entrances, no barriers, no visible surveillance system, & lack of construction site security guards are to blame. In fact, depending on the video surveillance system without construction site security guards on-site to take action, is yet another reason.

Hiring 24/7 construction site security guard services in San Jose for your premises is the best way to prevent both vandalism & theft. To reduce such crimes on-site, construction site guards can patrol frequently and randomly to ensure maxed security. As for the larger sites, vehicle patrols are highly effective.

5. Respond To Vandalism Instantly

Response time of local law enforcement in comparison to guards on-site is usually higher. Which is why having construction site security guards equipped with a mobile patrol app & its capability to request backup from a dispatcher using a patrol management system is faster.

It allows the construction site security guards to respond to vandalism immediately. In fact, the mobile patrol app through chat can be used to notify other guards on-site of the situation to take control of it. And when they can’t,  reporting vandalism to the local law enforcement turns out to be the last resort they can turn to.

So, hire Plaza Protection construction site security guard services in San Jose to ensure maximum security on your construction site.