Every private security guard is expected to spend a significant amount of shift patrolling. The main purpose of it is to maintain the security of the premises. Which is why effective private security guards try to evaluate what they see, hear, or smell to determine the potential threat. Making accurate assessment is what allows them and their managers to determine the best course of action.

But how do they do it, how do every private security guard patrol effectively is the real question, isn’t it? So without much ado, let’s briefly take a look.

1. Professional Attitude & Attention To Duty

In order to provide outstanding private security services, skills & experience isn’t all that matters. The attitude of a private security guard plays just as big a role. Reason being, to effectively patrol on-site, a professional private security guard, first of all, needs to show up on time. He needs to follow the supervisor’s instructions, be observant, see what needs to be done, report efficiently, and simultaneously be responsible for his every action. Without a good attiude and attention to duty, effective patrolling isn’t possible.

2. They Know Their Post Orders

Post order is a list of instructions provided by the security guard company or the client to clearly outline the duties, responsibilities, and expectations for every private security guard. Conducting an effective patrol without it is practically not at all possible. Which is why reliable security guard companies like Plaza Protection invest in equipping their guards with the right technology to ensure even the slightest change in the post order is conveyed to them in real time.

3. Have An Emergency Action Plan

One of the reasons why clients hire private security services is due to their ability not only to protect the premises from potential threats but also how effective they are while handling emergencies. Every private security guard is expected to respond to such situations to minimize the impact caused. And for that, they are trained to identify potential emergencies and what emergency response procedures to follow. Dispatch centers further provides additional help by responding to emergency calls in time.

4. Understand Client’s Nature Of Business

Every client site is unique, and so are its private security services needs. Even when a client has figured out the number of security patrol guards needed, the job of every private security guard also includes understanding the client’s nature of business. This one factor helps them decide the kind of patrolling required-site and ways to handle problems on site.

Security Guard Patrol

5. Managers Review Reports & Logs

The job of every private security guard apart from patrolling is also to report everything happening on client site to his immediate manager. In order to do that effectively, every private security guard is required to patrol proactively, only then will he be able to provide accurate details in his guard tour reports. In fact, knowing that these guard tour reports are shared with & reviewed by the manager & the client in real-time help to boost their performance & enhance accountability.

6. Tracks Security Guards In Real-Time

GPS live tracking is one of the best ways to ensure effective private security guard patrolling, and there is no denying it. A manager supervising private security guard patrol from a remote location using the Live Dashboard can do away with assuming what’s happening on-site. Inactive flags immediately notify about the inactive guards on-site. Setting up geofence informs the check-in/out violations while keeping the guards safe and compliant with the area accessibility as defined by the client.

7. Carefully Observe Site Conditions

The job of a private security guard does not come to an end even after they have successfully prevented a dangerous situation. The nature of their work is such that they need to keep observing everything going on a client site to prevent any further dangerous situations. A good private security guard not only does that but also report the details of the incidents to the manager. If the situation is beyond his control, he calls law enforcement and provides the details they require.

So, this is how effective private security guard patrolling is done.