Installing fire protection systems has become mandatory in a lot of apartments and buildings to secure them from fire outbreaks. You must already be aware of that, aren’t you? However, when these fire protection systems stop working correctly, one of the most effective options that most business owners have is to hire a security guard company that offers fire watch services. They have professional fire watch guards that you can rely on anytime the need arises.

Here are 8 things to consider when choosing a professional fire watch security guard company.

How Is The Company’s Reputation?

Did you know that a security guard company’s reputation is dependent on the quality of security guard services that they provide? It is, therefore, crucial to do thorough research about how it operates. 

Before signing up for their fire watch services consider checking the record of accomplishment of the security guard company. Also, go through their official website and their social media accounts to know what their clients have to say about them.

Are Their Guards Trained And Experienced?

Fire emergencies can cause a potential hazard to the property and the lives of people on it. To handle them, you will need an experienced security guard company that has fire watch guards who are highly trained. 

Since these guards will conduct regular patrols to ensure that all systems are in working condition and respond promptly in emergencies, before hiring the fire watch services, you must ensure the company has experienced and trained professionals.

Is The Security Guard Company Licensed?

Hiring a licensed security guard company is that stepping stone that ensures you’re hiring the right company and the right fire watch services. It will also ensure their fire watch guards have the necessary training and enough knowledge to handle any fire-related issues. 

So before you start negotiating, ensure that the security guard company allows you to check and verify their licenses. Once you verify their documents, now you can consider hiring them.

How Many Fire Watch Guards Do Your Need?

This is eventually the question that almost every person asks when considering hiring fire watch services. Well, that completely depends on your circumstances and property’s requirements. There is no one size fits all concept when it comes to hiring fire watch services. 

Though some jurisdictions do regulate the numbers of fire watch guards, but a good rule of thumb is to provide enough guards to allow for a guard to patrol their designated area within 30 minutes or less.

For How Long Do You Need The Services?

Before you take the next step while considering hiring fire watch services the second-best question you need to ask yourself is, how long are you going to need the services for? 

Usually, the requirement depends on the nature of the problem that one is having with the fire system, the skills of the technicians working on getting the system up and running, and the regulations within your jurisdiction. 

Most fire watch services typically last 2-3 days. However, in some cases, fire watch services can even extend up to several weeks or months.

What Industry Do They Specialize In?

Every security guard company has its own set of specializations, then be it the security guard services or the industries they serve. When choosing a fire watch security guard company, consider extensively researching what industry they specialize in offering professional fire watch services. 

For better services and experience, it is essential you select a security guard company specializing in not only providing fire watch services but also have enough experience in your specific industry.

What do you Expect From Them?

Before you go ahead and hire a fire watch security guard company or even go looking for various options, it is wiser to look at what you expect from them. Without that, you might not be able to hire someone who meets your requirements and is good with their work. 

Knowing what you want from the security guard company, you and the company you’ll hire will be on the same page. So, pay attention to this aspect when hiring a fire watch security guard company because very few do.

Will They Share Security Guard Reports?

Ultimately, the one thing that every client of a reputable fire watch security guard company desires is easy access to comprehensive fire watch records. How they are going to deliver them is a question you should definitely ask before hiring the security guard company. 

At Plaza Protection, we ensure that by making detailed reports shared by the fire watch guards easily available on our proprietary client portal. All our guards are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that enables them to share reports live from client sites.

Ready To Hire?

Plaza Protection is a dedicated provider of security services in the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide cost-effective fire watch services for a variety of facilities, including residential communities, commercial properties, construction sites, and more. Please contact us first to find out how we can help you meet your security goals. For more information, visit us at or call us at 1-844-55-PLAZA.