Choosing a security guard company is a challenging task. As a client, you have to take multiple factors into consideration before making the final decision. But when it comes to renewing the security guard company contract, do you analyze their services and reconsider asking vital questions once again? If not, here a comprehensive list of questions you should start asking before renewing the security guard company contract.

Is The Security Guard Company Licensed & Insured?

Different states have different requirements to run a dedicated security guard company. However, all states require some sort of basic license and insurance for a security guard company to operate legally. So, no matter what type of security guard company you are hiring, it is crucial to ensure the company has a PPO license regulated by BSIS in California and also holds liability insurance.

Do They Train Their Security Guards?

Security guards in California are required to complete the mandatory 40 hours of training after receiving the guard card within the first six months. After that, the security guards must complete eight hours of continuous training each year. While renewing your security guard company contract, ensure the guards have been trained according to the legal requirement, and possess all the necessary licenses and certifications.

What Type Of Security Services Do They Offer?

Before you renew the contract, inquire to find out all about your company’s offerings and capabilities. For instance, Plaza Protection provides 3 types of security guard services – vehicle patrol, foot patrol, and fire watch in different attires. We combine the latest technologies and professional security guard training to increase guard performance and accountability without adding any extra charges.

Can Their Services Be Customised To Meet Your Needs?

Security guard services are one of those things that can never be a one-size-fits-all solution. Every business is unique and so its security needs. If your security guard company doesn’t provide security guard services customized to meet your security goals, well, it’s time to hire a security guard company like Plaza Protection that does assess all the security risks and regularly evaluates your security program.

Are Their Security Guard Services Cost-Effective?

Pricing is one of the biggest factors that play a crucial role in renewing a security guard company contract and there’s no doubt about it. But before you jump to conclusions just seeing the price, think about what they have to offer. A high-quality experience doesn’t always have to come at a higher rate and vice-versa.

Do They Use Proprietary Systems?

One of the very first things you need to think about while renewing the security guard company contract is what kind of technology is being utilized for effective security guard management. Plaza Protection makes use of a guard tour system that is designed to increase guard productivity, efficiency, and accountability. Further, the Plaza Protection client portal provides clients secure access to on-site data and so much more.

How Reliable Is Their Customer Services?

Not only should the security guard company be reliable and security guards friendly and professional, but also their customer services dependable. The company must have a strong management team to back their guards up on a daily basis and handle issues and complaints enthusiastically and in a timely manner.

Do They Regularly Re-Evaluate Your Security Program?

There is no business that won’t grow over time. Change is constant. For a business, it may be in terms of space, employees, or the nature of the area surrounding the location. When these things change so will your security needs. Therefore, it’s crucial to ask this question if your security guard company can keep up with it.

Do They Offer Regular Inspections And Evaluations?

Every client expects to receive seamless security guard services but then there’s always some room for improvement. With that in mind, consider renewing your security guard company contract only if they offer regular inspections and evaluations driven towards improving their security guard services.

If you are looking for a reliable security guard company in the Bay Area, contact us to see how we can develop a custom security program to meet your specific requirements.