In a pandemic hit world, keeping clients informed and connected has become a challenge for a lot of security guard companies still dependent on a paper-based system. But we at Plaza Protection are determined to ensure you need not even set a foot outside to gain insight into the site tours conducted on your site. Plaza Protection client portal is designed to provide secure access to all the on-site data on a single platform. 

Let’s briefly take a look at what you can do with it: 

Access Live Metrics On-The-Go

Plaza Protection client portal is a practical solution designed to build a client relationship with a relentless focus on communication. With a secure login, you can have complete access to the Live Dashboard. On its easy-to-navigate interface, you can effortlessly gain real-time insight into live on-site metrics, site performance, and productivity. 

Track Guard’s Live GPS Location

Transparency in a security guard operation is crucial for making a client stay. Plaza Protection client portal offers exactly that by allowing us to share the live GPS location of the security guards on your property. With its help not only can you track their live on-site movement but also backtrack them on your property to make better security decisions in the future based on it.

Monitor Visitors On-Site Remotely

Paper visitor books look out-of-date and clumsy, offering little or no privacy to visitors and protection to the data collected. A digital visitor management system, on the other hand, collects and stores all the data in an organized manner in a secure database. All the data is easily then made available on the Plaza Protection client portal for you to keep track of every visitor on your property even from a remote location.

Streamline Guard Tour Reporting

Ultimately, the one thing that every client of reputable security guard companies desires is easy access to comprehensive security guard reports. At Plaza Protection, we ensure that by making detailed incidents, site tours, daily activity reports, and more shared by security guards easily available on our proprietary client portal, so you never miss a thing on your property.

Schedule Site Tours Hassle-Free

With the Plaza Protection client portal, you no longer need to sit on the sidelines. With its help, you will be able to actively view security guard schedules as well as request special coverage on your property. Effective security guard scheduling is the key to success as it lies at the heart of all security operations. With the Plaza Protection client portal, take control of it, and simplify complex scheduling.

Customized User Management

What makes the Plaza Protection client portal unique is that it is designed to give you the ability to invite multiple users to the portal. Thus enabling not only you but also the users added to the portal to stay in the loop of the progress made on-site. As per your requirements, you can further define their role and manage their access to the portal hassle-free from your end. 

Hire Plaza Protection security guard services with a relentless focus on quality and get access to our proprietary client portal with all the relevant data of your property. For more information, visit us at or request a free quote today.