Uniformed security guards undeniably provide one of the best ways to deter crime. Their high visibility and authoritative presence make criminals think twice before committing a crime. That is the goal of having effective security guard services on-premises. Yet criminals and vandals find ways to work against all odds. In such scenarios adding another layer of casual security guards can ramp up the security.

While criminals might be looking out for uniformed security guards, casual security guards will be on the lookout for them to stop them in their tracks. Here are more reasons to hire casual security guards for a shopping mall.

They Seamlessly Blend In

When you want security guards that aren’t so obvious, casual security guards are a great option because they blend in seamlessly. This makes it hard for anyone wanting to commit a crime since they don’t know who might be watching them in a store.

They Seem Less Daunting

Uniformed security guards instantly give off an air of authority. Casual security guards on the other hand create a relaxing vibe on the premises which makes them approachable, friendlier, and far less intimidating. And that often is one of the most important requirements from a security guard company of any shopping mall.

Conduct Undetectable Patrols

Before committing a crime, criminals make it a point on a guarded property to watch the security guard’s daily routine. They’ll look out for any flaws to exploit. Once they have all the information needed, they commit the crime and get away with it easily. 

The greatest benefit of having casual security guards on-site makes it difficult for them to figure out their patrolling patterns. Hence, fewer criminal activities on-site.

Stop Crime In Progress

Criminals will do everything in their power to keep away from a uniformed security guard to commit a crime. To catch them in the act, security guards in casual clothes can play a crucial role without making any visitor or even the employees uncomfortable. 

Put Stop To Employee Theft

Sometimes, potential thieves or vandals aren’t the only ones you need to have security guard services on your premises. Casual security guards can also help keep your employees in check and avoid them stealing or helping customers steal. 


Casual security guards can be extremely effective in shopping malls. Looking just like any other person but a security guard they seem more trustworthy to those wanting to commit a crime. They don’t tend to draw attention to your business’s security risks but identify and mitigate any security threat or unwanted situation quickly.

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