Typically, foot patrols are conducted by an officer “walking a beat”. He patrols both indoors and outdoors areas. This allows them to learn their assigned areas well. But what does a foot patrol security guard provide for a business? A well-trained foot patrol security guard can bring a change in a community. He can make the place safer by providing help for those who need it. He can be a familiar face that employees and citizens can rely on. Below are a few of the benefits of having foot patrol security guard.

In times like today, security has become an utmost necessity for most companies. Whether you are a small business or a large manufacturing facility, the presence of a security officer on foot can be beneficial for you.

Influence Positive Relationship in the Community

Foot patrol initiates one-on-one interactions between citizens and foot patrol security guards. Foot patrol officers can immerse themselves into the community to the extent that other types of security guards can’t. They see people face to face and can learn the ins and out of a specific area. They can be more interactive with staff and earn the trust of all employees. This also allows them to promote a safer and healthier work environment for everyone around.

Enhances Safe Feeling

A foot patrol officer enhances the feeling of safety, which benefits both employees and customers. Having security guards in their presence reassures people. The presence of a security guard on foot is also calming, especially when the foot patrol security guard is someone who is there every day.

Deter Crime

Having security guards on sight can discourage criminals as well as criminal activity. Visibility of security guards provides a warning to the one who might be planning something devious.

Foot Patrol Security Guard Can Identify Potential Threats

A foot patrol security guard who is familiar with an area can identify potential threats and maintenance issues. Since they are trained to act professionally and quickly, they know when they should address an issue as an emergency and when to take measures to prevent the issue so that it doesn’t become an emergency issue.

The foot patrol security guards here at Plaza Protection are trained and experienced, and we take pride in the high standards that we put on our guards. Contact Plaza Protection today to hire trained, experienced, and friendly foot patrol security guards.