Businesses often tend to run into one or the other kind of trouble that may at times require dedicated security patrol services. But, the million dollar question is how to identify if your business is in need of those services?

If you are having trouble recognizing the signs, here are a few that will help you take the decision of whether to hire security patrol services or not.

1. Crime Rates On The Rise

Is your business located in an area with high crime rates or are the businesses in your neighborhood experiencing an increase in criminal behavior? No matter what the reason, it raises concern for both the safety of your business and the employees. Thus, making it automatically mandatory to hire professional security patrol services from a reliable security guard company. Having a trained private security guard on a guard tour patrol on site can take steps to limit liability saving the business money.

2. Enduring Employee Theft

Employee theft, it sounds like a trivial issue until when one begins to lose a large portion of the revenue due to it. Often in such scenarios installing surveillance cameras are more than enough to discourage employees committing such a grave crime. But, on construction sites or places where they may be more blind spots to commit the crime, having dedicated security officers can stop employee theft using effective ways.

3. Undocumented Incidents

Keeping records of incidents provides a broad spectrum of information that can be used to establish a better course of action for future incident prevention. To do just that, a private security guard on a guard tour patrol is the one to do the job perfectly. Reason being, one of his or her routine tasks includes keeping detailed records of day-to-day activities. And at Plaza Protection we ensure it’s done using state-of-the-art-technology, as these records can be used in court in a severe situation at any given time.

4. Unsafe Parking Lots

Parking lots are one of those places if ever left unguarded can easily turn into breeding grounds for theft, mugging, and even vandalism. Keeping them well lit may not always be the solution, but hiring professional security patrol services can ensure the safety of both people & property. A regularly patrolling uniformed private security guard to an extent can deter crime with his or her mere presence and high visibility.

Security Guards

5. Unreliable Emergency Response

Let’s be honest, not all cities have the fastest police response time. Correct, isn’t it? But, you wouldn’t want to sit back & wait for the police to arrive as criminals raid your business. Or would you? One simple solution to this problem is hiring uniformed security patrol services. Where the guards are trained to respond to emergency situations efficiently & effectively. Where they are also equipped with the right technology on guard tour patrol to call in for more help if required instantly.

6. Unsecured Entrances & Exits

Most of the troubles a business face begins with unguarded entrances & the exits of the buildings or construction sites. Thus, making it easier for the criminals to get in without even getting noticed. The best part about hiring Plaza Protection security patrol services is that our guards are equipped with visitor check-in/out software on their mobile patrol app. Not only is it convenient for everybody, but also a reliable way to restrict unauthorized people from entering, ensuring 100% safety.

So, what are you waiting for? Hire reliable security patrol services for your business today if you are suffering from these issues at your business.