Fully marked vehicle patrol security services are one of the best & most effective visual criminal deterrents available in comparison to unmarked vehicle patrol security services. Potential criminals on detecting marked vehicle patrol security services protecting a specific property or commercial location are sure to avoid that area at all costs due to high visibility. 

But is that the only reason to hire fully marked vehicle patrol security services? Of course not! There are various other advantages you might not be aware of. They are as follows:

High Visible Presence

Marked vehicle patrol security services can be recognized from a distance. The light bar, uniformed guards, and fully marked vehicle ensures maximum visibility, whether the vehicle patrol guards are conducting a routine patrol to deter crime or providing assistance to people on the property. Hence, allowing it to serve a two-fold purpose on client sites effectively unlike unmarked vehicle patrol security services.

Deter Potential Crime

Thieves or vandals often look for easy targets with the most predictable security. Having marked vehicle patrol security services with unpredictable patrol patterns can act as a great deterrent to crime in comparison to unmarked vehicle patrol security services. Also, because patrols are mobile & guards have access to vehicles, they can respond promptly to alarms & incidents within a few minutes or seconds.

Provides Physical Protection

The physical protection that marked vehicle patrol security services offer is of paramount value. How? At the scene of traffic collision on-site or any blockage on the roadway, the protection provided by a fully marked security vehicle can be most valuable. Further, its presence not only offers physical protection to the people on-site but also warns the approaching traffic. 

Reduces Liability

Unlike unmarked vehicle patrol security services, marked security vehicles can keep liability to a minimum. The reason being, it is obvious & indisputable in its authority. Full marking and light bar offer an important safety element while ensuring compliance with statutory requirements. Further, equipping vehicle patrol guards with a patrol mobile app can ensure their movements are trackable as they share reports live.

Authoritatively Surveil

Marked vehicle patrol security services conjure up an image of authority and professionalism. When that is evident, people are more likely to respect both the property & personnel. And also that way, they can quickly & authoritatively monitor large areas during shifts through consistent rotations, keeping an eye on several areas, ensuring that the premises are secure. 

Cost-Effective Option

Hiring dedicated foot patrol security guards have its own set of benefits. But if it seems beyond your budget, you may find marked vehicle patrol security services to be cost-effective. At Plaza Protection, we completely customize it to your specific needs. Ensuring different parts of your premises are patrolled regularly to reduce losses & liabilities from break-ins, vandalism, & other damages.

Offer Peace Of Mind

Knowing that the premises are being watched by trained vehicle patrol guards in marked security vehicles can make all the difference in the general impression of security. It can significantly increase the peace of mind amongst the people on site. And then there’s also the knowledge, that if there’s any trouble, there are vehicle patrol guards to solve it in a professional & experienced manner.

Fully marked vehicle patrol security services are perfect to create an obvious presence of security while offering additional advantages. It is, therefore, highly preferred over the unmarked vehicle patrol security services by almost everybody looking for mobile security. What would you choose and why, do comment below to let us know.