Upon first consideration, it may appear that an armed guard provides better service than a uniformed unarmed security guard. But if we dig a little deeper, you will notice that this is not the case. Although your security guard management company may recommend using armed guards, but you need to make an informed decision based on your security needs.

Plaza Protection’s unarmed security guard is generally equipped with non-lethal weapons to deter crime and violence, like tasers, batons, and sprays that are effective without being deadly. The choice of security is based on a number of factors that vary based on the kind of premises involved.

Let us learn why unarmed security guard is better than the armed ones and if your business needs their security patrol services:

1. It Is Budget-Friendly:

Security guard companies usually charge higher for armed guard services for obvious reasons. There are multiple costs involved that include the cost of arms, licensing, and training. Unless you are in acute need of guards equipped with arms at your premises, unarmed security provides a more affordable solution for your safety needs.

2. Creates A Relaxed And Comfortable Environment:

The sight of a guard carrying arms is scary enough to make the employees and the visitors uncomfortable. At a bank, people may feel comfortable and secure. In an apartment complex, they might feel on edge at the sight of an armed guard. So, if you are hiring a security guard for premises other than banks or in case valuables are involved, there is no need for armed guards.

3. Visible Deterrence:

Usually, the troublemakers behind on-site disruptions are unarmed, therefore the mere presence of a guard is a deterrent to any mischief. If the security guard company has an efficient patrol management system in place as Plaza Protection does, they can ensure that the guards are adequately trained to tackle any situation to safeguard the property. Even if the situation may escalate beyond the control of the unarmed security guard, a patrol management system can also ensure that external help can always be provided in real-time.

Security Officers

4. If Yours Is Not A Violence-prone Location:

The type of security you require depends on the type of property involved. If yours is not a violence-prone premise, a patrol management system will ensure that your property is safe and you are updated about the same in real-time. Only if huge valuable properties as in the case of banks or museums are involved, armed guards should be used after stringent considerations.

5. You Want To Avoid Liability Consequences:

Property owners can be held liable for the actions of the armed security guards on their premises. If an armed guard shoots someone and causes injury or death, you could be held responsible. The hooligans may even capture the arms of the uniformed security guard and cause loss of life and property. This may attract unnecessary legal charges.

When you have guards on your lands, any harm or injury inflicted in the course of the patrol is your responsibility as much as it is of the security guard firm. Hence, you should be aware of the patrol management system employed by the security guard firm.

An unarmed security guard is the smarter choice as you can get the work done without any legal complications. In case you opt otherwise be fully aware of the regulations and the procedures of instating one.