In many ways, accurate documentation and record-keeping are a crucial part of fire watch keeping. Since it is a powerful communication tool, every time a fire watch guard is on the lookout, he is expected to keep a concise and complete report of his daily activities – from the times he goes on duty until he returns or checks out. 

These fire watch records, not only they provide detailed insights into the performance of the fire watch guard on-site but also aid in future fire-control planning. That makes these reports very important for you as a client as well as for the security guard company you’ve hired.

So, here’s a list of all the details that the daily log diary of fire watch guards on your premises must contain. Take a note and ensure the basic format is always followed.

  1. Name of the fire watch guard on duty.
  2. Address of the location that the fire watch guard is patrolling.
  3. Date and time of every entry.
  4. Time of each and every patrol conducted on-site.
  5. Record of every communication, from or to whom, and nature of business.
  6. Arrival and departure of visitors, names and addresses, license numbers, auto make, etc.
  7. Important events, such as unusual weather, lightning storms, all fires spotted.
  8. A detailed account of daily activities, time spent on work projects, observations, and absences from the station.

In addition to the above-mentioned information, there is a wide variety of records that are required throughout the lookouts from a fire watch guard that would be useful for both your and the security guard company you’ve hired but then it would be impossible to include them all here. However, for more information on this topic, stay tuned.