Once construction theft & vandalism was a major problem, and today, it still is. It costs billions of dollars to the construction industry annually. Which is why construction site security should not be ignored at any cost. Construction sites have always been dangerous and vulnerable to crimes. Implementing good prevention measures can dramatically reduce all types of loss.

Over the years, the types of construction site security have evolved immensely. Drastic advancements in technology have made it possible to ensure the kind of security that is available today on the construction site. So, let’s briefly take a look at how things are different now in construction site security.

Construction Site Security Before Technology

Can you remember how it was before technology made it easier to secure a construction site, even when it wasn’t a long time ago? In the name of security, construction site had only fences and gates. A security guard who patrolled only during work hours without any real-time means to report incidents on-site. He had to wait for something to happen to respond. The observation made & the data collected at the end of each day or week wasn’t as reliable as one would have wanted it to be. Well, that is not the case anymore.

Construction Site Security Nowadays

Nowadays, security service companies are adopting a variety of approaches to secure construction sites with the help of technology. These approaches are continuously evolving as technology is. Due to which, no longer the security companies have to wait for something to happen and then respond. Proactive measures are being taken to stop crimes at construction sites and to ensure a safe and secure environment for people to work.

Here are a few things you should consider implementing at your construction sites:

  • CCTV Cameras

    In addition to fences & gates that still makes up the first layers of security, CCTVs can be used to secure the construction site perimeter both on the outside & inside. It’s one of the most effective ways to prevent crimes. Also, because they serve as the technical eyes & ears of the construction site. The best part about it is that they can be customized to fit the needs of the construction site security. To further ensure constant monitoring, dedicated security guards can be hired.

  • Access Control System

    An access control system is one of those systems designed efficiently to restrict unauthorized individuals from entering one’s property. Also, it’s the perfect way to help overcome the weakness of mechanical locks that criminals very well knows how to pick. This system can be used to monitor the status of entrances & exits constantly to effectively prevent theft and vandalism at construction sites.

  • Mobile Visitor Management System

    Installing a full-fledged access control system can be expensive and also not possible on all construction sites. What about construction site security in that case? Well, the perfect alternative solution to it is equipping security patrol guards with a mobile visitor management system. It can facilitate monitoring multiple locations on a construction site along with rapid evacuation in times of emergency. Security patrol guards further provide and an additional layer of security.

  • Real-Time Incident Reporting

    Security patrol guards nowadays are mostly equipped with technology, a mobile patrol app, for instance. It allows them to share incident reports and other detailed observations in real-time. Using the same mobile patrol app, the security patrol guards can take photos & videos to help the managers & clients understand the gravity of the situation.

    This wasn’t the case a few years ago, and later the security patrol guards had to carry multiple devices to the post-site. Technology has made it possible to streamline report sharing and communication to help them take action and resolve issues there and then to improve the overall construction site security.

  • NFC Tags & QR Codes

    GPS tracking & geofencing have drastically gained popularity due to the ways it can be used in different industries for security purposes. Same is the case with NFC tags & QR codes. Security guard companies use them to create checkpoints throughout the site. It can be a location or an equipment/machine of much value that can be stolen. As security patrol guards patrol, they scan these tags/codes to ensure they are safe & secure.

  • Guards Equipped With Tech

    The presence of security on construction sites equipped with reliable technology is considered ultimate nowadays. As stated above, a mobile patrol alone is the perfect example of it. Whether they are working during hours or after work hours, it helps them to respond immediately and effectively to any security threat, unlike CCTVs. Equipped with a mobile patrol app, they can report live, request for help on-site, conduct NFC tags & QR codes enabled guided site tours, as well as maintain a detailed construction site equipment & inventor log, and so much more.

Be The Clients Who Always Stay In Loop

As a client won’t you want to get real-time insights to all the on-site activities? Of course, you would. So, before hiring private patrol services look for a security guard who will provide secure access to guard tour reports, tracking history, visitor logs, and more thorough a dedicated guard tour client portal.

This piece of technology is created to build stronger client relationships with improved client communication through streamlined report sharing. Guard tour client portal is the one that will always keep you in the loop without needing to ask your security guard company.

The security of every construction site & its employees is critical. At Plaza Protection, we understand that. By investing in our professional construction site services perfectly integrated with state-of-the-art technology, you’ll make your construction site stronger & more secure. Contact us to get more information & a customized quote today!