Construction sites are highly vulnerable not only to theft or vandalism also fire outbreaks. The simple reason behind it is the fact that fire protection systems like sprinklers, smoke detectors, fire alarms, etc on construction sites are typically nonexistent or not yet operational. In that scenario, hiring fire watch security services from a reliable security guard company is the best bet.

In the absence of fire protection systems, fire watch guards can reduce risks and speed up the response time. They can keep detailed fire watch logs and inform the emergency services of an incident on site.

If you’re still not sure of why to hire fire watch security services on your construction site, take a look at the list of reasons given below to make the right decision.

Why Construction Sites Need Fire Watch Security Services?

Presence Of Flammable Waste Materials

For a fire to ignite and grow, it needs fuel which construction sites have in abundance. A lot of building materials along with flammable waste materials like packaging, pallets, & offcuts are present everywhere on site. They are the perfect source of fuel that can increase the damage caused once the fire starts.

The benefits of hiring fire watch security services are that the fire watch guards can ensure these materials never build up around the site. Instead, the materials are sent to a designated area with fire and emergency procedures in place.

Different Types Of Work Activities

  • Hot Works Processes

Cutting, welding, and grinding create a potential hazard for combustion. Therefore they are considered as one of the biggest fire risks of all on construction sites. Which is why all hot works done on a construction site should be controlled by a permit to ensure the risk is adequately controlled. Fire watch guards on a continuous patrol can add another level of security on-site to deal with incidents immediately.

  • Electrical Systems

Construction sites need portable electrical systems to get various things done. But while using them, they can easily be damaged on-site in the process. If they are not properly maintained, the equipment could give off heat or sparks that could ignite unprotected flammable building materials. Having fire watch security services on-site, can detect such issues, and take immediate actions to reduce the risks.

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Temporary Heating Equipment

Construction sites can be a very cold place to work, especially in the colder months. The sole reason behind it is that they do not have proper heating systems installed or running. Which is why often temporary heaters that use kerosene or propane, or even electrical heater are installed for keeping the workers warm.

Failure to properly set them up or to keep them clear of combustible materials could result in a fire. And that’s one of the many reasons why you need fire watch security services by a reliable security guard company.

Careless Smoking

Fire is never an accident. All fires have their reasons. Sometimes the reason may be as silly as carelessly disposed of matches and cigarette butts. No kidding! It’s one of the most common reasons for the fire on construction sites. Therefore, smoking on  construction sites should be controlled and confined to a designated area. Fire watch guards can help enforce the policies related to it and ensure they are followed by everyone on site.


Construction sites aren’t just prone to theft or vandalism. Fire is a risk that’s always there, no matter what. Precautions can be taken despite that there’s no guarantee. Which is why hiring professional fire watch security services is always recommended. Have you? If not, contact Plaza Protection to hire the best fire watch security services in the San Francisco Bay Area.