There are so many crucial elements to a commercial environment in which often building security takes a back seat. Vital for protecting the property itself, the company, its assets, and employees, security should be a top priority. In case you’re thinking insufficient or inadequate security is better than no security at all, well, it’s not. 

Here are some of the most notable building security mistakes you might be committing and simple business security measures to avoid and tackle them.

Leaving Entry And Exit Unsecured

The first and the most crucial mistake made while securing a building is not securing all entrances including emergency exits. Anyone can sneak in and out of these unprotected doors and pose a huge security risk. 

Not only using alarm monitoring, closed-circuit television cameras, and active building security guards in these areas help resolve this concern but also minimizing the number of active entrances and exits.

Not Enforcing ID Requirements

When it comes to controlling access, enforcing badge and ID requirements is of paramount importance. Whether it is a commercial or residential building, this will help reduce the instances of unauthorized entry into the building. 

Hence, without compromising the integrity of the program for anyone, enforce it. Take the help of a reliable security guard company. Hire building security guards to ensure proper procedures are followed.

Installing Unfamiliar Security Systems

Security systems come with a huge investment. Your building security guards should understand how the security system in the building works. If they don’t understand the system in place, they’ll never be able to use it to its full potential.

For the security of your building, you must have your building security guards trained on the system installed. Even better, hire a security guard company with experienced guards trained in various systems and equipped with state-of-the-art technology to enhance building security.

Focus On Aesthetics Than Security

A good-looking building with an impressive design may attract tenants but that isn’t going to provide building security. Therefore, not only focus on the appearance or aesthetics of the building but also consider security seriously.

Have CCTVs installed where they can be easily visible. Cover all blind spots even if it means a certain area isn’t going to look as beautiful as it used to be. Furthermore, hire dedicated guards to be on the ground and to monitor cameras to mitigate risks efficiently.

Not Securing Important Areas On-Site

There is no doubt about the fact that securing the entire building is crucial, but then every building has a room or two that requires extra security. Not everyone takes the time or puts in the effort to secure them, risking it all eventually.

So, whether it’s a computer server room or just a room where crucial documents or equipment are stored, secure it by either installing a biometrics access system combined with a security video system or have a dedicated static guard instated.

Overdoing Installing Security Systems

One of the most unexpected building security mistakes that are committed is having too much security. Unbelievable, right? Both commercial and residential building owners can have too many expensive security systems installed and not get the real value for their money.

Security systems can make a huge difference in keeping your building safe. Therefore, seek professional help. Rely on them to help you find the best and the most effective balance of security systems, procedures, personnel than overdo it.

Plaza Protection At Your Service!

If you are looking for a reliable security guard company in the Bay Area to avoid the above building security mistakes, Plaza Protection is a dedicated provider of security guard services. 

We provide cost-effective security guards services to residential communities and commercial properties, developing a custom security program to meet their specific security requirements. 

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