Ever since shopping centers came into existence, they have been vulnerable to crimes mainly due to lack of controls at entrances. Today, strict security measures such as installing CCTV cameras that are more visible to people and employing security guards at the entrances of the malls have improved the environments of the shopping centers. But with that, the criminals have evolved, which requires guards foot patrolling at shopping centers at all times.

If you are looking for professional security services in San Francisco Bay Area for your shopping center, there’s no other like Plaza Protection dedicated to deterring various crimes effectively. Here’s the list of crimes our highly trained security guards can take care of efficiently:


Loitering is one of the many common problems shopping centers often face. Despite putting up signs that say ‘No Loitering’ people can still tend to hang around a place of business, inside or outside, without buying anything. Security guards foot patrolling at shopping centers can take action when they see a potential problem develop. And also before more time elapses and it potentially leads to violence or any other type of criminal activity.


Individual stores in shopping centers have expensive products on display in every corner. That not only makes them vulnerable but also alarmingly increases their risk of becoming victims of shoplifting. Without strict security measures in place, it may not be possible to eliminate such threats.

Deploying dedicated security guards in individual stores could help, but since it may not be feasible for everyone, having uniformed security guards foot patrolling at shopping centers can deter would-be shoplifters & thieves from committing the crime.


Vandalism at shopping centers is more common than anticipated. In comparison to other criminal offenses, it may not seem like a big deal, but the loss of value caused due to it is equal to any other property crimes.

At shopping centers, a variety of people come in and go out with different reasons, mindset, & mood that can cause a security threat. This increases the chance of the property being exposed to vandalism. Security guards foot patrolling at shopping centers can help take actions against such people instantly, and make a citizen’s arrest if required.


Customers can end up quarreling in a public place like a shopping center. Initially, it may look harmless, but within a few minutes, it can easily escalate into a violent situation. That won’t just compromise the security of customers quarreling but also of everyone around them.

Hence, a quick intervention by security guards can help de-escalate the situation. Having guards foot patrolling at shopping centers can immediately identify the situation and using their de-escalation techniques, they can take control of the situation.

Foot Patrolling At Shopping Centers

Unauthorized Entry

Shopping centers are designed in such a way for customers, employees, & deliveries that they provide easy access to numerous entrances & exits. And that makes it difficult to monitor the movement of every person on the premises. This, in turn, makes it easier for unauthorized people to enter the premises as they please. Having uniformed security guards at every entrance of the shopping centers, can for once make those people re-think.

Car Break-Ins

The parking lot of a shopping center is as dangerous as any other parking lot if left unattended. You might already be aware of how not properly lit parking lots are the reason for attracting criminals. There are various smart parking lot safety tips that can enhance the parking lot’s security effectively.

But there’s no better security measure than hiring dedicated security guards. Having guards regularly foot patrol at the shopping center’s parking lot can also be enough to ensure the cars of the customers are not vulnerable to thefts and break-ins.

So, to create a safe & secure environment at your shopping centers, hire only the best security services in San Francisco Bay Area, hire Plaza Protection.