If you are an owner of a commercial or residential property, its security should be your utmost concern. The reason being, commercial and residential property is as much prone to security threats as anyone else. Taking the lead to proactively protect your property, residents, and employees are worth the investment. And there are different types of security systems easily available for you to choose from.

If you want to choose the best security system to maintain the security of commercial and residential property, keep reading.

Monitored Alarm System

Since the monitored alarm system possesses a connection to monitor services besides an alarm, it on a commercial and residential property acts as an enhanced version of the local alarm system. If an intrusion is identified, it is ensured security guards are available 24/7.

CCTV Cameras

For any commercial and residential property, a CCTV camera is one of the best ways to keep a check on anyone who has constantly been eyeing the property. More than that, its mere presence, just like that of patrolling security guards on-site, can be enough to keep the intruders at bay. However, if a crime is attempted, the face of the intruder can be easily captured, and law enforcement can use the feed to identify the culprit.

Burglar Alarm System

Nowadays, burglar alarm systems have become the most central feature in a commercial and residential property security alarm system. Equipped with windows motion detectors and door sensors, when tripped, sets off a loud alarm. Security guards from reliable security guard services companies on-site can take immediate actions and also notify the law enforcement of the breach on the commercial and residential property.

Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm system is one of those security devices that will guard both the commercial and residential property against fire and smoke effortlessly. This alarm usually consists of a series of smoke detectors as well as a strobe light. However, installing a full-fledged fire alarm system containing a heat detector, sprinkler system, and of course smoke detector is highly recommended. So is hiring a fire watch guard from a reliable security guard services company.

Critical Alarm System

Critical alarm systems aren’t mandatory but can sure enhance the security of your commercial and residential property. These systems are the ones that will guard you against leaks and other problems that usually go undetected when one’s away. Hence, it’s perfect for any residential property. In case a leak is detected, the systems are capable of notifying your security about it to take immediate action.

Access Control System

An access control system is yet another one of the most popular types of solutions used to secure the commercial and residential property. It allows controlling who can enter and leave the building and have detailed logs of entry and exits. If required, certain areas can be completely restricted. With an access control system, one can rest assured that one’s property won’t fall victim to burglars, unauthorized visitors, or other criminals.

Guard Tour System

A guard tour system or also known as security guard management system, unlike any other system, can’t be used similarly on a commercial and residential property. The reason being, this system is designed specifically for security guards to conduct patrols on-site and share detailed reports with the manager and client. The security guards with its help can be easily tracked, and they can use it for visitor check-in/out, and so much more.

Remote Alarm System

The remote monitoring system allows commercial and residential property owners the most accessible security capabilities. Using it, they can themselves watch what happens on-site at all hours, or they can simply delegate this task to the security guards. Thus ensuring, the property is secured round the clock while you sit and only receive notifications of the issues that arise.

And How They Help Security Guards?

Installing critical systems to maintain the security of residential & commercial property may seem enough, but it isn’t. They all have their own set of limitations. This is why, in addition to installing them, hiring security guard services can provide the most reliable & effective ways to ensure the security of any property.

Security guards from a reliable security guard services company can patrol the area around. They can deter crime, report, and respond to security threats quickly. Their mere human presence can be enough to keep security threats at bay. 

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