When a security guard company commits to providing security guards services that exude excellence, customer service must make it to the list of its top priorities. The reason being, positive customer experiences are necessary to maintain relationships and a cooperative environment for every business to thrive. To ensure that, the security guards must be trained and equipped with years of experience protecting people and property while being approachable and friendly to those who may need a helping hand.

So, if you are wondering what types of customer service responsibilities security guards are usually tasked with, keep reading. 

Warmly Welcome Customers

Security guards often stationed near the entry of the business are assumed to be done for security reasons. And that is quite true, as it allows them to remain aware of everyone entering and exiting the building. 

But it also provides them the opportunity to warmly welcome the customers and provide the basic information related to the business in a positive way or help with queries related to directions. 

This friendly first contact with the security guards can leave the customers feeling welcomed as they make their presence known to limit any potential security threat from the outside world.

Make A Good First Impression

Security guards are often the first interaction most of the customers have with a business. Therefore, the responsibility of making a great first impression rests on their strong shoulders from the moment a customer first sets foot inside the building.

Which is why every security guard company must ensure their security guards maintain a crisp and pleasant physical appearance. It’s amazing how such small things have the potential to turn a negative custom experience into a positive one. 

Since this aspect of the security guard services is highly underestimated, paying attention to it will show your clients how much you care about their safety. The first impression is truly the last impression.

Offer Assistance To Customers 

Now, put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Now, think about the most trustworthy individual you’d turn to for assistance. Assistance can be something as simple as holding open a door to provide a direction or provide safety in a time of crisis. It’ll be the security guards, isn’t it? 

Dedicated on-site security guards you’ll hire from a reliable security guard company, therefore, must gain a better understanding of the basics of your company and the services offered to explore your business’s unique security needs and customer base.

Since security guards will always be the trustworthy source of help to your customers, they’ll make it a priority to be a helping hand whenever possible.

Communicate Clearly With All

The ability to communicate is one of the most important skills that’s needed by security guards working in different industries. It is the stepping stone that eventually enables them to provide proficient customer service to those visiting your business.

Whether it is answering customer queries thoroughly in a professional way, dealing with disgruntled or irate customers, or explaining safety protocols in times of crises, this ability is how security guards are going to make the customers feel at ease.

They must be able to instruct around them and communicate with other on-site security, as well as their managers to develop a plan of action immediately. The scope of their job also involves communicating and assisting people from organizations outside the business.

Make Customers Feel Safe

The ultimate customer service that security guards can offer to any business is to make their customers feel safe and protected while visiting even for a short period of time.

In order to guarantee your customers have a pleasant experience, it automatically becomes the top priority for security guards of a reliable security guard company to maintain a safe environment.

They often do it by enforcing any safety protocol in place, utilizing the safety training they have received, detaining anyone who has committed a crime, as well as reporting to law enforcement immediately.

Hire Plaza Protection For Security Guard Services

The job of security guards can be difficult. Not only do they have multiple responsibilities, but they must also often help people no matter what. Which is why all our security guards at Plaza Protection are fully trained and equipped to handle all of your security needs as they ensure excellent safety and provide exceptional customer service to your customers. Contact us today to enhance your customer’s experience at your business in the San Francisco Bay Area.