Growing a business takes years of effort and employees dedicated to achieving its goals. But, when those employees start stealing, the business often ends in bankruptcies. The only way to protect your business is to know the warning signs of employee theft. Here are the seven most common ways to detect employee theft. 

Changed Work Habits

The employee who once used to hate working a particular shift now willingly wants to be scheduled for it? Does he or she arrive before anyone else does and stay much longer? Well, look out for such employees.

Never Takes Time Off

Every company has a few dedicated employees who never take a day off or go on vacations. But that’s not always the case. They could also be someone afraid to have their scam discovered if they don’t show up every day to work. Be suspicious.

Been Absent Excessively

Every employee has the right to take a leave. But when that can’t be traced back to a life event, it’s time to dig deeper. The possibility is there’s something going on where theft is occurring, but the employee doesn’t want to be there when it’s happening.

Wants To Work Alone

It’s true that some employees work better when they work alone. But when the otherwise outgoing employee suddenly wants to work alone it is definitely suspicious.

Missing Inventory

Companies using accounting software for inventory management are easy targets for criminal activities. Without proper records, employees are sure to steal right under your nose. So, if you find an unexplained inventory shortage, it’s time to investigate.

Follow The Money

Do you know what is one of the easiest and most common signs of employee theft? It is missing cash. If you begin to see more and more refunds, chargebacks, or voiding of sales, your employees are stealing from you whether you believe it or not.

Problem With The Books

If things don’t add up in the books or there are suspicious ledger entries, it’s another red flag to look out for. It is possible a mistake could have been made, but the same mistake being repeated over and again could be a sign of something nasty going on.

Bottom Line:

Employee theft is as real as it can get. Even if you deny your employee won’t do it, there’s a chance it might already be happening. It inevitably will drain you and your business. Hence, taking preventive measures become necessary. So, talk to your employees to get to the root of it, install CCTV cameras, and hire dedicated security guard services

To learn more ways to prevent employee theft in detail, stay tuned for our next blog.