Security guards are an integral part of the functioning of a shopping center. There are various functions that they perform effectively to keep the operations of the shopping center run smoothly and without any problems. This is why Plaza Protection offers a wide range of Plaza Protection guards and security services to enhance the safety of your shopping center in the Bay Area. 

Security Guards In Three Attires:

Uniformed Security Guard

No one can ever miss a security guard in a uniform. Therefore, their presence alone acts as both a deterrent to crime and rescue to customers in need of assistance. Plaza Protection guards are highly experienced & trained that upon request can also be equipped with a baton & pepper spray.

Casual Security Guard

If the presence of uniformed security guards makes your customers nervous, especially when they need to feel safe, opting for Plaza Protection guards in casual attire is the ultimate solution. They can protect your shopping center from inside without imposing a feeling of watchfulness on customers and employees.

Black Suit Security Guard

In case both of the above options don’t seem to go with the type of security you have envisioned for your shopping center, we have another option for you. Black suit Plaza Protection guards. They are highly skilled to pay close attention to details in an effort to provide the best security services in the most efficient and non-intrusive manner.

Services Offered By Plaza Protection:

Foot Patrol

Plaza Protection offers dedicated foot patrol guards whose security presence alone at your shopping center can make it secure. The constant moving security presence helps create a safe and secure environment ensuring peace of mind to the customers. If a brazen robbery does occur, Plaza Protection guards are trained to detain the robbers and immediately call & assist the police.

 Vehicle Patrol

If you have larger premises or multiple locations that you want Plaza Protection guards to protect outside your shopping center, you can hire vehicle patrol security services. The vehicle patrol guards will patrol the location day and night at different intervals to check suspicious activities or threats. They will ensure the safety of your property, personnel, and customers at all times.

What Plaza Protection Guards Can Do?

  • Maintain Order – Ensure that no illegal activity goes on inside the shopping center whether people are around or not.
  • Protect Property & Personnel – Remove or restrain anyone threatening the safety or disturbs the peace.
  • Provide Professional Vigilance – Foot patrol & vehicle patrol to monitor premises & detect any irregularities. 
  • Report In Real-Time – Write up detailed daily activity & incident reports and share them with their manager in real-time.
  • Control Access Within The Premises – Keep unauthorized people from restricted areas, and contact the fire department or law enforcement, if required.
  • Respond To Calls For Help – Guide customers, provide first aid in case of a mishap.
  • Assist During Emergencies – Keep calm, escort people to safety ensuring minimal injury to people and damage to property.
  • Enforce Rules & Regulations – They can ensure the customers are following your rules and standards and that there are no safety hazards.
  • Traffic Enforcement – Guards monitoring the exterior of the shopping center, address incidents in parking lots and surrounding areas.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable security guard company in the San Francisco Bay Area, Plaza Protection offers highly trained and experienced security guard services. To know more about it, visit us at or contact us at for more information.