Vehicle patrol services have emerged as one of the most reliable and affordable ways to provide security to a large area. The vehicle patrol guards involved in the vehicle patrol services are trained to deal with the adverse situation or criminals. To ensure that, they often make use of a comprehensive checklist to keep your property well protected while making sure criminals fear to enter the property.

Here’s that effective vehicle patrol services checklist that clients often do not know about.

Perimeter Checklist

Is the perimeter fencing in position as per the requirement of the security plans, or are there any holes, damages, or maintenance requirements that need to be reported.

Parking Lots Checklist

Vehicle patrol guards ensure all entrance & exit areas are well-lit, there’s access to a phone or emergency alarm, & secured to prevent unwanted access.

Public Areas Checklist

Does the public area provide places for potential intruders to hide or are there items such as bricks, stones, or wooden fence pickets that could be used by intruders as weapons.

Vehicle Patrol Guards

Exterior Lights Checklist

Are the exterior lights left on at night in strategic locations to illuminate the exterior of the building to allow people to pass by as well as police to see easily into the premises?

Building Access Checklist

Vehicle patrol guards are additionally & equally responsible for ensuring doors & windows of the building are secured, no matter how small or inaccessible they may seem.

Security Alarm Response

It is the job of every guard on both vehicle or foot patrol to always answer security alarms, investigate any type of disturbance, & call for help in case of an emergency.

Live Incident Reporting

Vehicle patrol service companies pay special attention to ensuring their guards are equipped with the right technology to report every incident from the client site live. 

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