Security officers are one of the most powerful & effective deterrents to thefts of all kinds. Their mere presence acts as a set of extra eyes that’s enough to make potential thieves realize your construction site is not an easy target.

And even better, preventing your own employees from stealing from the construction site. That’s right. Employee theft is more common than anyone would ever acknowledge. It costs businesses a lot of money in the process to replace the stolen equipment & materials.

But, how working with a trusted security guard company and their professional security officers can change that is the question. So let’s take a look at ways security officers can stop employee theft on construction sites.

1. Maintain Detailed Logs

One of the most effective ways security officers can help deter employee theft is by simply identifying the assets & keeping day-to-day records of them. Reason being removing heavy equipment or materials from the construction site may not always be possible.

But, assigning specific ID numbers can help security officer track them and identify who’s using them. All this information using the mobile patrol app can easily be updated in the form of a log, on customizable reports in real-time day & night along with photos or videos if required.

2. Active Security Patrols

Leaving a construction site unguarded at night or even at day time is often one of the most common reasons why thefts occur. Having security officers constantly patrol the site on foot can be an effective deterrent to it & other crimes committed on the construction site by employees as well as other criminals

Security officers can not only secure the perimeter but also ensure the safety of the equipment and materials on site. Specific logs can be created to keep a check on them as well as important deliveries are further helpful. Not, convinced yet? Click here to know the reasons to hire uniformed security guards to protect construction sites.

3. Monitor Job Site Access

Workplace theft is a big problem. There is no denying this fact, and also that construction sites are the new hot spots. Which is why gaining control of who’s entering or exiting the site can play a vital role. With that in mind, Plaza Protection makes use of visitor management technology that allows creating a secure & detailed database.

An award-winning mobile patrol app allows security officers to keep track of the employees working on specific sites and machines. This not only helps stop unauthorized access but also helps employee stay accountable for the equipment being used which can further be used to ensure their safety in times of emergency.

4. Real-Time Surveillance On-Site

Practically, installing surveillance cameras is one of the smartest moves to make. It’s because, when employees know they are being watched they tend to think of the consequences of their action which makes them less likely to commit theft. Therefore, the mere presence of the surveillance cameras on site can automatically deter crime.

But, is that enough? Of course not. Having a dedicated security officer to keep a watch on the feed can help to stop a crime in the real-time. He can inform the security officers on patrol to make an arrest, something a surveillance camera won’t be able to do.

5. Quick & Effective Reporting

Security officers are specifically trained to observe every person around them and to identify any suspicious activity while on patrol. Along with that, reporting efficiently is also an important part of their job that can stop employee theft effectively. How?

We at Plaza Protection do it with our intelligently designed and easy-to-use mobile patrol app. All our security officers are equipped with it that’s has been smartly integrated to a patrol tour system. It allows them to send incident reports in real-time with photos, videos, and even audio files to the patrol tour system for the management to take immediate actions.

There is no better way of securing a construction site than hiring security officers. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us for security services in Bay Area today!