Residential security is a major concern for residents living in apartment complexes. And why should it not be? Nobody would want to be a victim of heinous crimes in their own home. Which is why choosing the right security services from a pool of appropriate security guard companies is crucial.

In order to ensure you hire the best company to keep everybody safe, you’ll need to know what to expect from the security guard companies at first. Given below is everything you will ever need to know.

1. 24/7 Round The Clock Protection

Security guard companies are expected to provide 24/7 round the clock protection. But, it doesn’t always have to be that way. As per your requirements, they should be able to customize the security services at affordable prices. For instance, Plaza Protection not only offers dedicated security guards but also professional vehicle patrolling.

Apart from that what you should expect from security guard companies are highly trained security guards who can be flexible & mobile. They should be able to adapt to situations and their response to the threat at hand, which is something no surveillance system will ever be able to do for you.

2. Secure & Quick Visitor Check-In/Out

Entrance & exit of an apartment complex is usually shared by all the residents and the visitors coming and going. Leaving it unguarded is what makes it easier for the criminals to get into the complex to break into the apartment without getting noticed.

To eliminate such scenarios, expect a secure & quick visitor check-in/out system from security guard companies. It can allow the guards to conveniently check in/out a visitor while restricting an unauthorized person from entering the complex to ensure everyone’s safety. Plaza Protection’s security guards are equipped with a mobile patrol app smartly integrated to a security guard management system to do just that & much more.

3. Prevent Vandalism, Theft, & Other Crimes

Theft is a serious crime, that with controlled access to the complex can be prevented by the guards. But what else can they prevent? Vandalism. For someone to break things or to paint over objects demands a little time. Having security guards patrolling on the property can make such crimes happen less likely. Thus, saving an apartment complex a lot of time & money.

In addition to these crimes, domestic violence is a major concern that security guards can respond to immediately and prevent serious injuries or death. Not only can they mitigate such situations but also provide evidence in the form of photos or videos, clicked from their mobile patrol app if required.

4. Quick On-Site Response

Look for security guard companies that not only promise a quick on-site response but also deliver it through their real-time dispatch center. Lesser the response time higher is the probability of stopping a crime from happening in its way and preventing losses from theft & destruction of property.

Plaza Protection’s technology helps to eliminate it by dispatching more guards immediately. The messenger application, an important part of the mobile patrol app also allows the guards to contact other guards present on the same site for help instantly apart from staying up-to-date of everything going on the property.

5. Reliable Documentation

Reliable documentation is one of the most important aspects of all for the security of an apartment complex. Therefore, while looking for security guard companies to match your security needs, you should expect it to be part of the package too.

Since long gone are the days of paper reporting, professional security guards should be equipped with the right technology to document & send the reports to the management in real-time. Our mobile patrol app smartly integrated with a patrol management system serves that very purpose for our guards. In fact, it also allows us to monitor & support them from a remote location in real-time.

What more can you ask from security services in Bay Area? Comment below to let us know.