Hiring foot patrol security guards for businesses have turned into a necessity more than a luxury. And why should it not? Every now and then, there’s news of businesses or their customers getting robbed or mugged. This may not even be the worst-case scenario. So, if you’re reading this and you’re someone who runs a business, given below is a list of businesses that can’t do without security guard services on their premises.

Gated Residential Communities

Among all the security guard services offered by a company, foot patrol security guards are best suited for gated residential communities. Foot patrol guards act as an additional layer of security, that, from keeping track of visitors & vehicles to enforcing community rules & regulations, do everything to ensure the safety of the families.

High-Rise Apartment Complexes

Ensuring the security of people residing in high rise apartment complexes comes with its own set of unique challenges. Every building and its security needs differ from each other significantly. To make sure the residents, their families, and their guests feel safe, secure, as well as welcome, foot patrol security guards equipped with a guard mobile app can provide custom solutions.

Commercial Buildings

Hiring foot patrol security guards for a commercial buildings may seem unnecessary, but it isn’t. Whether it is in a rural area, suburban, or the city, acts of violence can occur on premises without prior notice. That is why commercial buildings should also hire professional foot patrol security guards to screen visitors to prevent violent situations from arising and also to give you peace of mind.

Shopping Malls

A shopping mall is often required to provide a minimum amount of security to protect and guard the assets to reduce liability. Foot patrol security guards, CCTV, and alarms are often included in the overall plan to secure the shopping center. However, if the right number of guards equipped with a guard mobile app to report live are instituted, they can alone deter a variety of crimes foot patrolling at shopping malls.

PP security guard

Property Management Companies

Every property is different, and tenants have specific needs and expectations that raises a unique kind of challenge for property managers to face. However, Plaza Protection offers security guard services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each property & to give greater satisfaction. Foot patrol security guards offer greater flexibility in this case that helps to truly meet the property managers changing goals.

Large Construction Companies

Filled with expensive pieces of equipment, construction sites often become the targets for criminals looking to make easy money. Which is why monitoring a construction site through a CCTV alone can never be enough to ensure its security. Hiring dedicated foot patrol security guards to do random patrols during the day and also at night can help prevent & deter crimes on a construction site significantly.

Commercial Parking Lots

You’ll be surprised to know that a safe-looking commercial parking lot can be vulnerable to numerous security risks. Without property security guard services in place, situations there can escalate quite quickly. Hiring professional foot patrol security guards is one of the best ways to deal with the common security threats of commercial parking lots. This additional security measure can improve the security of the parking lots drastically.

If you are looking for reliable security guard services for these businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Plaza Protection today. We are the number one security guard services in the area that provides highly qualified, trained, and experienced security guards equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure the security of your property.