Hiring a security services company for the very first time is a big task in itself. Not only not knowing where to start is an issue, but what to look for and what not to in a security services company is a big challenge. If you’re ready to embark on the journey to hire your first security services company, don’t forget to go through this list of mistakes that almost everyone without proper guidance often commits.


  • Hire Based On Lowest Prices

Low prices are highly attractive, but trust us, hiring a security services company based on this factor alone isn’t worth it. In case you are going to go with the lucrative offer, look for genuine references that can justify their price but not at the cost of quality of their services. Else, you might end up paying more later when they fail to provide the required security services on your premises. Hire the security services company wisely!

  • Don’t Offer Uniform Options

Since not all client sites are the same, their security needs also differ from each other. Which is why, before you hire a security services company, figure out the kind of security guards you’ll need for your property. Then look for a company like Plaza Protection, that without any hassle, will offer their services in different security guard uniforms. Having access to such security services can significantly enhance the security of your premises.

  • Incorrect Licenses And Permits

Licenses and permits are one of the most important aspects of a security services company. Not only are they the only way for them to ensure their clients that they are certified to offer security services, but also their security guards are highly trained. In fact, in addition to that, the security services company you select should also be insured and have auto liability & workers’ compensation coverage.

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  • Not Adequately Trained Guards

One of the biggest mistakes you can commit when hiring security guard services for the very first time is to forget to inspect the security guards. They are the ones who eventually will be at your site to conduct security patrols & deter criminal activities. So, it is important to not only see who will be part of the security detail but also make sure they are professional, well-trained to handle any situation, & presentable for your establishment.

  • Forgot To Ask About Technology

Today almost every reliable security services company has incorporated a patrol management system to deliver outstanding security services. From scheduling the right guard based on his or her skill to the right place at the right time to tracking them live and letting the client access reports on a client portal, the patrol management system allows it to do it all so effortlessly. It’s one of the most important attributes you need in a security services company.

Avoid these mistakes, and you will surely find the perfect security services company irrespective of where you are.