In large residential communities, gates provide security as well as separation for the leisure activities and amenities within. That is often used to attract new residents, especially those who consider safety and security as their topmost concern. For this added layer of security & privacy, they are willing to pay more. But is that enough? No. Professional private guard services as that of Plaza Protection can help you enhance the security of your gated community.

How? You must already be wondering that so, let’s take a quick look at why hiring private guard services is a must & how it can improve the security of your gated community.

Added Layer Of Real-Time Security

Nowadays, crimes like littering, theft, trespassing, and vandalism have become way too common. To prevent them from happening on one’s property, there is no better way than to hire private guard services. Gated communities, despite having an advantage can take this extra measure to easily avoid it all from happening.

Cameras & other methods can easily be bypassed, but the mere presence of security guards makes it less likely for someone to commit a crime. Since security guards are trained to be proactive, gated communities need not hire a separate guard for every house. This reduces the cost associated with availing private guard services.

Keep Track Of Visitors & Vehicles

Gates, often considered as a cheaper alternative to hiring private guard services, serve the ultimate purpose of reducing crime in gated communities. It’s also used to retain security-conscious residents and as a significant barrier to unauthorized foot and vehicle traffic. But is that enough? Of course not.

Security guards with a mobile visitor management system are the added security that’s worth the money and trouble. Their most important duty is keeping track of everyone entering and exiting the property. The visitor management system helps them register vehicle & visitor details. All that data is stored in a secure cloud that cannot be duplicated or compromised. Hence, while hiring private guard services don’t overlook the technological aspects.

Regular & Highly Effective Patrols

Did you know, security guards are trained to walk long distances? They are also trained in customized security patrols to ensure large areas are secured effortlessly. Thus, making security guards on regular community patrols one of the best ways to prevent complications arising on the property.

Plaza Protection does it by tracking all the guards on patrol using GPS. NFC Tags & QR Codes ensure every nook & cranny of the property is secured. New post orders for the guards on-site are immediately updated and relayed to them live for conducting an effective patrol. In fact, security guards using their mobile patrol app share digital reports with their managers as well as the clients in real-time and much more.

Plaza Protection

Enforce Community’s Rules & Regulations

Private security services hired for gated communities can provide a vast number of services apart from only providing security. One such among those services is enforcing the rules and regulations made by the community completely. Then be it the traffic or parking regulations or any other.

To keep things functioning as desired in a community, the first thing a private guard company ensures is that the security guards learn the rules that govern the gated community. Doing so is the only way to make sure they are enforced correctly.

Decrease Crime Inside The Community

Preventive acts have the power to deter crime. And the best one among them all for your gated community is undoubtedly hiring private guard services. It’s a proactive approach that can be considered to create a safe environment for residents in addition to the gates. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Highly trained security guards with professional skills & years of experience can arrest trespassers in the community. They are thoroughly educated in site-specific issues & discretions. Their problem-solving skills are what makes them better in every aspect. Hence, the perfect way to decrease crime inside the gated community.

If you’re willing to enhance the security of your gated community, contact us at Plaza Protection to hire our outstandingly reliable private security services.