A visitor management system is a solution built to efficiently start managing your front desk without worrying about a visitor’s line queuing up. It is designed to efficiently manage the visitors by registering their profiles and visiting information. Increased security & safety are considered among the main highlights of investing in a professional visitor management system.

Makes Managing Visitors Easier

Begin with making your front desk more efficient with a visitor management system. It will not only help create a first good impression but also make managing visitors simple. Further, making the visitor feel safe, it will help deliver a positive visitor experience.

Less Paperwork, More Efficient

Investing in a digital visitor management system is one of the first steps towards achieving a paperless office. If that’s too much to ask for, invest in a security guard company as that of Plaza Protection that helps eliminate visitor log books & minimize supply costs. It will help you save trees while reducing your carbon footprint.

Ensure Data Security

A visitor management system is the smartest way to eliminate clutter but also a more secure option to incorporate in a high traffic property. Since all the data collected is stored on a secure & private database on the cloud, you need not worry about people snooping on visitor log-in information.

View & Search Visitor History

With a visitor management system, you can say goodbye to spending hours sifting through piles of paperwork just to get the information needed. The system automatically stores data in an organized manner, allowing for fast & convenient visitor tracking.

Enhance Visibility & Accountability

Plaza Protection’s visitor management system is designed to let security guards capture vital information and even take visitor & vehicle photos. This further helps in identifying anyone who’s in the building at any given time and at what location.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Security guards equipped with a visitor management system can help accelerate access to the building but also prevent unauthorized people from entering the premises. Thus, helping improve the security of your property while protecting against theft & other costly risks.

Magnify Emergency Response

One of the best benefits of hiring a security guard company that equips their guards with a visitor management system is that it can be used to track every visitor down and easily identify their location on the client site, in case of an immediate evacuation in case of an emergency.

So, are you going to invest in a mobile visitor management system or a security guard company that offers such a service along with their security guard services? At Plaza Protection, the visitor management system is standard when it comes to securing residential or commercial buildings.