To ensure the security of your business, you need to hire the right security guard. A qualified and skilled security guard can make the environment more secure for your business as well as the public, while an unqualified one can significantly weaken a business. Keep reading this article to learn how can hiring an unqualified security guard harm your business.

Inadequate security

Professional security guards are highly trained. They are furnished with vital knowledge and skills to handle all kinds of safety risks and security concerns. However, if the security guards you have hired aren’t qualified to perform such essential tasks, your business could face security threats and suffer losses such as the costs criminals will cause.

The presence of a security guard should make people feel secure and comfortable. When professional security guards are around people, they should feel a sense of safety and calmness. If you hire an unqualified security guard, he won’t be able to provide enough protection to your business and elevate the tranquility of the people around them.

Little or no deterrent

Professional security guards are equipped with the ability to promptly discover suspicious behaviors and take action accordingly. On the other hand, a security guard who is unqualified may not be able to deter crime and other unlawful acts at your business. An unqualified security guard may also not know which security equipment to use or how to use them. They may fail to alert you or the law enforcement about the security threats. Their ability to properly gather and organize evidence might not be adequate as well.


Security guards play an important role in maintaining the order at a business. They can control conduct, end misconduct, and defuse escalating situations before it gets any worse. However, the effectiveness of an unqualified security guard might not be adequate in maintaining and controlling the happenings and order at your business.

Negative customer review

Security guards not only secure the place, but also provide reliable customer service by helping employees, clients, and visitors. They help to find places, people and also perform other various services to ensure everyone is having a good time and feels safe.

Unqualified security guards are less likely to have the quality and skill to perform such good customer service. If people experience and notice bad service, they may not come to your business again. This could establish ill will instead of goodwill. And people might also talk with others about the unpleasant experience they had with your unqualified security guards.

Damaged public relations

For many businesses, security guards are the first point of interaction with customers. So, developing and maintaining the reputation of your business vastly rely on your security guards. Hiring unqualified or wrong security guards could cause damage to your business reputation. This could cost you so much so that in the end you might not be able to continue your business.

Hiring unqualified security guards can damage your business in many ways. On the other hand, the right security guards will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business, customer, assets, and employees are in secure and qualified hands.

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