Foot patrol is one of the most effective ways to protect your condominium property. It allows the guard to thoroughly conduct security patrols and seek out any security incident and address it. The role of foot patrol security guards has never been more critical than it is today with a continuous increase in security threats. There are many different types of security challenges – theft, vandalism, and intruders that foot patrol guards can help protect against easily.

Get a better understanding of how hiring foot patrol security services is beneficial when it comes to enhancing condominium security.

 Secure Access Points

If you are looking to hire, replace, or enhance the security of your condominium, ensure the security guard company you hire focuses equally on securing access points of the property. Entry and exit points can be the weakest point on a property. Having foot patrol guards to keep them under constant surveillance help significantly reduce security threats.

Deter Visible Crime

Deterring crime is another important part of every foot patrol guard’s job irrespective of the type of property they are guarding. Having them on your property significantly increases the chances of criminals being caught in the act, thus serving as a far more effective deterrent than even draconian punishment.

Mitigate Future Threats

Security threats may come in different forms. While foot patrol security guards on-site can rapidly respond to unlawful activities and mitigate threats on the property, they alone aren’t enough. To implement strategies that can mitigate threats and prevent further incidents altogether, Plaza protection foot patrol guards are equipped with the latest technology to gain new insights & prepare for the future.  

Surveil Multiple Areas

One of the greatest benefits of hiring foot patrol security is that the guards can patrol on foot, which means that they can surveil multiple areas of a property during a shift. Since they can cover more ground and respond to emergencies quickly, this ensures the premises are always secured effectively.

 Emergency Response

Emergencies are unpredictable. Since they can happen anywhere and anytime, highly trained foot patrol security guards can quickly and calmly initiate the emergency response. They can form a liaison with first responders and paramedics. If the residents cannot get hold of the right person, they can rely on foot patrol guards for guidance during an emergency.

Parking Lot Security

Parking lots are a thief’s heaven. The most common crimes prepared there are theft & vandalism. Having foot patrol guards on your property can not only help you deal with these crimes but also help ensure that the parking lot rules you have set are enforced. They can also help make sure that no one parks on the fire lane and do much more.

Online Daily Reports

Documentation is an essential part of every security guard operation. It enables not only the security guard company to take action for deterring crime but also you, the client, to stay up-to-date with the activities happening on-site. This is why Plaza Protection foot patrol guards come equipped with the technology that enables them to report in real-time with multimedia files attached for better clarity of the situation.

Educate Residents

Are you sure all your residents are aware of the condominium protocols & procedures? Having foot patrol guards from a reputable security guard company can help you hold meetings, distribute materials to keep the residents up-to-date of the changes in the policies, encourage them to know their neighbors, and notify foot patrol guards when something is wrong.

Condominium foot patrol security guards must become familiar and a dependable part of your community to provide a sense of security to your residents. This is why all Plaza Protection foot patrol guards are extensively screened, trained, and fully licensed, bonded and insured. Our foot patrol security services can further be tailored to the unique needs of your property to make it more secure. For more information, visit us at or request a free quote today.