Are your security guards not doing the job you hired them to do? Figuring that out without facts can make the situation strenuous. So how do you know if your security guard company is delivering the security guard services you signed up for? What do you need to figure it all out? Here’s everything you’ll need to know to tell whether you hired the wrong security guard company or not.

Untrained Security Guards

Security guards are expected to deal with different kinds of deteriorating security situations in an agile way. In order to achieve that flawlessly, each one of the guard must be trained professionally to contribute to the success of the company. Neglecting this aspect will only lead to an unsafe environment, leading to a number of incidents on your site.

Missing Security Credentials

Security guards of a reliable security guard company, in addition to being fully trained, must have proper security credentials for their credibility. Before you hire the security guard services of the potential security contractor, ensuring they and their security guards are registered, certified, or licensed is a good start. If that’s not the case right now, this is another sign that you’ve hired the wrong security guard company. 

Inactive Patrolling Services

The greatest benefit of having security guard services is the amount of visibility it offers to a business. With uniformed security guards patrolling the premises, it can ensure everyone feels safe. If the patrolling services are not agile and active enough, then it is a sign that you have hired the wrong security guard company. Hire a company equipped with technology to track security guards’ every movement on-site.

Utterly Poor Professionalism

Professionalism is an important aspect in most work settings. In the security guard industry, the security guards are expected to demonstrate skills, good judgment, polite behavior, and dress a certain way. If they are showing up late or not at all, sleeping on the job, are on their phones a lot, aren’t patrolling, or doing what they are supposed to do, it’s time to re-evaluate the services.

Lack Of Transparency

Do you have a way to tell if the security guards are actually showing up and doing their job? Are you able to quickly see the security guards’ live location, know who is where, and if they are patrolling? Do you have access to various types of reports shared by security guards from your site? Well, if you have no insight into the security operations being conducted on your property, it’s time to look for another reliable security guard company with the latest technology to work with.

Experiencing Same Issues

There’s always a specific reason why businesses hire a security guard company. Maybe the reason you hired security guard services was a break-in that you wanted to never happen again. Perhaps the parking lot feels unsafe even during the daytime. No matter what the reason, if the security guards you hired aren’t doing what you hired them to do, it might be time to find new ones.

Inferior Communication Skills

Effective communication is that stepping stone that helps ensure a speedier resolution of conflicts when incidents happen on-premises. If things are not communicated clearly, it can lead to poor performance and instigate potential conflict. Security guards are, therefore, required to efficiently demonstrate not only verbal communication but also non-verbal and written. 

Security Guard Services

So, your security guard company isn’t cutting it. What’s next?

If you can relate to any of the points above, well, you are dealing with bad security guards, and now is the right time to hire a new security guard company. If you own a business in the San Francisco Bay Area and need a professional security guard company, Plaza Protection is at your service. 

We design custom security programs based on thorough security risk assessments that help us discover critical vulnerabilities and deliver better security guard services. To hire Plaza Protection security guard services contact us or request a free quote today. We are the leading providers of security guard services to numerous industries with utmost dedication.