Despite all the precautions, accidents happen. That’s the case, with fire too, it can occur due to several unexpected reasons. Carelessness & poor awareness to control fire outbreaks are considered as the most common reasons for that. This is why hiring dedicated Plaza Protection fire watch guards for your business than doing it yourself can ensure the safety of the assets, property, & personnel all the way through.

Keep A Close Watch

Whether there’s a malfunction in the fire watch systems or a complete absence of fire prevention equipment, hiring fire watch guards, in that case, becomes necessary to secure a business. Fire watch guard foot patrol to keep a close watch & to take steps to prevent any kind of disaster from happening. Also, as they conduct a foot patrol, they maintain logs & create reports to share with the management to address the issue in real-time.

Well-Trained Fire Guards

A fire watch isn’t just another security guard service offered by a security guard company. It, in itself, is a skill that requires special training. The fire watch guards acquire diverse knowledge not only to fire fight but also to identify & prevent it from happening. That’s the reason why they know what they are doing. Brining in maintenance people or other personnel to do this professional job can only risk your business.

Faster Response

Every security guard company that offers fire watch security services is always on standby to respond to last-minute requests. As a result, they can get more fire watch guards, especially in times of an emergency, to your location a lot faster to ensure the safety of your property & personnel.

Alert Emergency Services

Automatically alerting the emergency services, the management, and the people on-site is one of the main jobs of fire watch guards. Doing that allows minimizing the time taken by emergency services to reach the site or for the management to send more help. Once they do reach the site, the fire watch guards brief them regarding where the fire is so it can be extinguished as soon as possible.

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Save Your Money

Hiring fire watch guards can be way too expensive. Therefore, it can be tempting to use the maintenance or any other staff on-site for this particular job. Well, don’t try that. Most jurisdictions across the US have drafted guidelines regarding the circumstances in which fire watch services are required and what they must entail. Not complying with these rules & regulations can result in hefty fines & even temporary shutdown of your operations.

Multi-Purpose Service

Undoubtedly, the primary role of every fire watch guard is to diligently perform his fire watch duties. Despite that, they can keep an eye on the criminal activities or anything that seems out of place. Thus, adding another layer of security by being a visible deterrent to crimes on your property.

Reduce Liability

A fire breaking out just like that is rare. But one day when that happens on your property, and you don’t have any professional fire watch services to look out for you, you will find yourself in a very bad position. The reason being you will have to accept 100% liability of everything on-site. But hiring professional fire watch services can reduce that liability.

If your business is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Plaza Protection can provide you its licensed fire watch services 24/7. Contact us today to hire fire watch security services as per your needs.