When it comes to construction site security, the key lies in making sure that strict safety protocols are followed by everyone on the premises. Despite that, and no matter how managed or organized the whole construction process is, ensuring its safety is utterly challenging. A lot of companies often fail to recognize the problematic areas and end up wasting their money and jeopardizing the safety of their workers. To avoid such scenarios, rely on methods tried and tested with time for construction site security.

Let’s take a look at a few ways unexplored to enhance construction site security thoroughly.

Conduct Security Risk Assessment 

Construction sites face endless security risks, including vandalism and theft. Therefore, conducting a thorough security risk assessment before you begin thinking about different ways to ensure construction site security is a crucial step. It helps identify the nature and operations of the site that in turn helps develop an appropriate site-specific security program.

Establish A Custom Security Program

After conducting the security threat assessment, the next step in improving construction site security includes establishing a security program. A program that’s customized to the site’s specific security needs. It often involves planning out detailed strategies to overcome the vulnerabilities and to protect the construction site in case of an emergency or a security breach.

Install Security Cameras & Alarms

Installing security cameras and alarms are one of the most effective ways to boost construction site security. Such systems allow 24/7 monitoring of the site. They further enable the security guard company to detect problems and immediately act on them. Investing in security systems is, therefore, a cost-effective deal that definitely worth it in the long run.

Hire Reliable Construction Site Guards

Installing security cameras and alarms alone won’t suffice. Consider hiring construction site guards to actively patrol, enforce access points, and monitor surveillance systems. Before you do that, do your research. Create a security guard company hiring checklist. Hire construction site guards trained and equipped to secure and handle any associated threats.

Construction Site Guards

Install Fence To Secure Perimeter

To protect your construction site, secure it with proper fencing as the first line of defense. Be sure to illuminate it too, especially where any valuable assets are stored. They are both one of those basic security requirements that are highly cost-effective and affordable. To further minimize any security threat, limit the access points by establishing only one entry point. 

Supervise Visitors Entering/Exiting Site

One of the best practices that one can establish on a construction site is to have a sign-in/out procedure for both employees and visitors. To ensure that, we at Plaza protection, equip all our security guards with a portable visitor management system. That enables them to register and monitor everyone entering and exiting the construction site from anywhere. In times of an emergency, the same system can be used to account for everyone on-site.

Identify And Track Assets On-Site 

One simple and straightforward way to keep building materials and equipment secure on a construction site is to identify and track them regularly. Even better, schedule your deliveries so that the material arrives as you need them. The more building material one has lying around, the easier it is for someone to steal from you. 

Exercise Regular Security Audits

Security audits are one of the most underrated ways often used to gain the information needed to properly implement a security program. Often carried out before implementing a specific security program, it helps the security guard company to access the overall construction site security and point out any potential security threats while recommending how to overcome them.

Bonus point: Employees are the heart and soul of the company. Get them involved too to take responsibility for a secure site and to immediately report any incident. No one knows the site better than the people responsible for its operations every day. 

For more such insight on improving the construction site security, stay tuned and also comment below to let us know your thoughts too.