A security supervisor is a professional who is responsible for overseeing the security operations of an organization or facility. They are critical to the overall security of an organization or facility, as they are responsible for ensuring that security guards are properly trained and equipped and that security policies and procedures are being followed. They must also be able to respond quickly and effectively to any security breaches or incidents that occur. In addition to these, some of the other primary responsibilities of a security supervisor include:

Develop & Implement Security Protocols

The security supervisor is responsible for creating and implementing policies and procedures that ensure the safety and security of the organization or facility. This includes creating custom security program for clients, emergency plans, such as fire and evacuation procedures, as well as plans for dealing with natural disasters, active shooter scenarios, and other emergencies. They also conduct security assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities and make recommendations for addressing them. They establish protocols for responding to security breaches, incidents, and emergencies.

Manage Security Guards On Duty

The security supervisor of a security guard company is also responsible for managing the security guards under their jurisdiction – hiring and training new security personnel, scheduling shifts, and evaluating the performance of existing staff. They are also the ones who ensure that security guards are properly equipped, trained, and ready to respond to any situation while on foot patrol, vehicle patrol, or fire watch. Along with that, they are expected to motivate their team to provide the highest level of security guard service.

Conduct Investigations

The job of a security supervisor isn’t easy. Not only they must manage security guards on duty but also supervise them and conduct regular inspections. They must also conduct investigations into security breaches, incidents of theft or vandalism, and other criminal activity. While doing so, they gather and preserve evidence, interview witnesses, and make recommendations for preventing future incidents. They also work with local law enforcement agencies and other security agencies to investigate incidents and gather information as and when needed.

Coordinate With Other Departments

Coordinating with other departments within the organization or facility, such as the HR department, to ensure that security policies and procedures are being followed, is another crucial aspect of a security supervisor’s job. While effective communication and collaboration between security supervisors, law enforcement, and other emergency departments improve the overall safety, enhance response time, and increase efficiency in emergency situations.

Maintaining Equipment And Technology

Maintaining the equipment and technology used by the security guards is a must to ensure day-to-day security guard operations are carried out smoothly for a security supervisor. And yes that includes all those equipment, from security cameras to numerous others that security guards are trained to use. Which is why, every security supervisor of a reliable security guard company is also expected to stay aware of the latest security technologies and equipment, and make recommendations for updating or upgrading equipment as needed.

Keeping Abreast Of Security Trends

Every security supervisor is also responsible for keeping abreast of the latest security trends and technologies, and for staying informed about potential security threats. This allows them to make informed decisions about how to best protect the organization or facility. While being aware of the laws and regulations that affect security operations in their area and ensure that their organization is in compliance.

Budgeting And Reporting

Managing the budget for the security department, and providing regular reports to management about the security operations of the organization or facility is crucial. The security supervisor job includes effectively managing the financial resources of the department and making budget recommendations that support the security objectives of the organization or facility.


Overall, the primary responsibilities of a security supervisor are diverse and require a range of skills, including strategic thinking, leadership, problem-solving, and communication. They must be able to work well under pressure, manage personnel effectively, and work collaboratively with other departments and agencies to ensure the safety and security of the organization or facility.

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