Hiring security guards for your property is essential. However, many commercial spaces and business owners don’t hire security guards because of the misconceptions they have about security guards in their minds. There are various misconceptions people have about security professionals that aren’t actually true.

In this article, we will shed light on those misconceptions about professional security guards and help you learn the right things about them. 

Hiring Security Guards is Costly

Regarding security guards, a common misconception is that hiring them costs a lot. People seem to think that hiring security guards is so expensive that only the really wealthy can manage to pay for them. This is not entirely true. The security providers you choose to hire security guards from will determine the cost.

If you want to get service from bigger and renowned names in the security guard industry, generally, you will have to pay more for their service. However, if you consider the kind of safety and security these professional security guards provide, the cost of hiring these professionals shouldn’t be a concern.

Security Guards Are Untrained And Uneducated

Many people think that anyone can become a security guard. People who are security guards are uneducated and random people who look for security jobs. This belief is incorrect.

Security guards need to be licensed. In order to operate legally, they are required to complete a certification and training program. Their extensive training makes them able to handle a variety of scenarios. Guards are not police officers, but they can keep a check on the crimes because they are trained to understand local laws and orders. 

Security Guards Are Lazy

Another misconception about security guards is that they are particularly lazy. While very few security guards may show this characteristic, most of them don’t sleep or show laziness on the job. They also don’t ignore the happenings around them. If you hire security guards from a reliable company like Plazaprotection, we can provide you with high-quality security guards. Our guards are not only well-trained, but they are also aware all the time to deal with any emergency circumstance. 

Security Guards Only Deal with Crime And Nothing Else

A security guard is more than a professional who only deals with crime. They report to their clients. They may also assist the customers at stores and malls. Lost individuals can get direction from them. Therefore, a security guard offers more than just providing protection.

Security Guards Are Not Good With Tech

This misconception has no basis in reality. Security guards assigned to video surveillance have enough knowledge of networking technology and can conduct their own troubleshooting. Security guards nowadays are expected to use radios, smartphones, computers, and other devices for their duties.

Security Guards Are Only of One Type

Some people believe that security guards are of only one type, and they only stand outside the store and building to protect the property. While in reality, there are different types of security guards available, and they specialize in different safety and security areas.

For example, the first aid CPR security guards are trained to provide instant medical aid to the people on the property they are looking after. Likewise, the fire watch security guards are specially trained to deal with fire outbreaks and disasters and handle the crowd in case of a fire.

Sadly, people often misunderstand the capability of security guards due to various misconceptions. If you are also confused about hiring security guards and couldn’t come to a decision because of the misconceptions, talk to a renowned security company like PlazaProtection to enquire and clear all doubts. Then you can hire the proper kind of security guards for your property and needs.