Whenever there’s an incident, it is easy to get caught up in the root cause analysis. When the actual reason often is shortsighted decisions made while hiring security guard services. Therefore, knowing what to expect when it comes to security is the only way to avoid security pitfalls. At Plaza Protection, that is exactly what we do to deliver quality foot patrol security services to our clients. How? It all begins with a security threat assessment.

Security Threat Assessment

The very first step to ensuring quality foot patrol security begins with understanding the way in which you operate, your security goals, & the challenges you face. Followed by a thorough security threat assessment approach, it paints a detailed portrait of the security risks present and also your business’s vulnerability and strengths across a range of topics. Further conducting a risk analysis, provides insight into how a threat might occur and exploit the vulnerability on-site.

Custom Designed Security Program

One-size fits all approach is not what we believe in at Plaza Protection https://www.plazaprotection.com. Being aware of how no two businesses are exactly the same, we design unique security programs for each of our clients to deliver quality foot patrol security. Security threat assessment helps fully understand the challenges around which we develop the security program and determine its goals. It covers post orders, scheduled site tours, 24/7 dispatch, emergency response plan, and much more. Our clients also have the option to request a modification to the program anytime.

Highly Trained Foot Patrol Guards

What sets our foot patrol security services apart is training. We take it to the next level by incorporating the custom-designed security program for our clients into our security guard training. Our foot patrol guards are actively trained to focus on customer service, de-escalation techniques, proactive reporting, seeking the help of law enforcement personnel when required, and the use of technologies to provide highly effective foot patrol security service. It enables them to focus on their duties and refrain from any distractions.

Closely Implement Security Plan

Once the security program is designed around your site-specific security challenges & security needs, and the foot patrol guards are trained, we ensure the program is implemented closely. Plaza Protection makes sure that by assigning a dedicated supervisor to supervise the foot patrol guards. He makes sure that the security guards arrive on time, are dressed properly, following the post orders, submitting reports, conducting site tours, completing assigned tasks, etc. The supervisor checks all reports and escalates the incidents through proper channels between both, the clients & Plaza Protection teams.

Utilize Patrol Management System

Delivering quality foot patrol security without a patrol management system today is not possible at all. It is what enables us to manage our workforce smartly and gather real-time data accurately. It connects our foot patrol guards and supervisors on client sites to streamline security operations as well as share critical data with the clients. All our guards are equipped with a patrol mobile app that helps them actively perform their duties from checking-in on-site to sharing reports in real-time. While an in-built dispatcher allows us to respond to incidents quickly.

To know more about Plaza Protection security services, please visit us at plazaprotection.com/foot-patrol or request a free quote today.